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The biggest takeaways from the Sally Yates hearing

2020-08-06 | 🔗
Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates testifies that then-FBI Director James Comey went 'rouge' with the Michael Flynn interview; former DOJ Deputy Public Affairs Director Ian Prior reacts.
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When you heard about the, when you heard about the interview you got upset didnt you, I was upset that director Comey didnt coordinate with that and acted unilaterally. Yes, I was okay. Did Comey go rogue? You could use that term. Yes, Brian. Could I insert a term fall guy Sally Yates, calling out James Comey during her testimony on Capitol Hill, claiming the former FBI director went rogue during the Russia probe here were the top takeaways here to analyze. The top. Take aways is former Doj spokesperson Ian prior Ian. First off your take on the give and take yeah, I mean. First of all, I think James Comey has been the biggest Piata in Washington over the past four years. Nobody, whether democrat or Republican, that worked for him or with him trusts him to do the right thing. He went rogue during the Clinton investigation came out and Exxonner rate offed her, which was not his job and went rogue on her again. The mainstream media attacked
rod Rosenstein memo. Perhaps we need new leadership at the FBI, because James Comey could not follow orders. I think we see that you know I tend to doubt that you know its all James Comeys fault here. The point is somebody who has fallen so far. You know, I guess his tweets in the middle of the forest arent getting to Sally Yates, Brian, on all the books written about this period or investigation. He gets the show time special based on his, which should have been the fiction side of this whole thing. Meanwhile, the question is, after all, the information we have now and the push by the attorney general to Exxonner rated Flynn and say investigation was unwarranted and which is something I believe Sally Yates was asked from what you know now with the falsifies is a report and all would you still do the investigation? Listen. Did you authorize that interview? No, I did not thats, not the same thing as saying I dont believe there wasnt a legitimate basis for it,
so you believe there was a legitimate basis for the interview. Yes, I did, it was not a look back. It was a counterintelligence consult Brian, so she disseminates that. What do you think I dont understand what the counterintelligence issue is here. Clearly, what we saw was FBI agents using the Logan ACT, a one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine law. There has been two prosecutions: zero convictions, inand the last prosecution was one thousand eight hundred and fifty two. They use that to go interview Flynn to try and get him to lie, so she can spin it as a counter intention investigation. All she wants, but the bottom line is they were using a law that nobody cares about, including every administration that comes in. They were using that to investigate Flynn and try to get him to lie. Brian. The big story is, I dont. Remember is the phrase used when it came to who brought up the Logan ACT. Do you know why? Because Peter Strzoks Notes said Joe Biden did, and the last thing you want to
do, if you are Sally Yates, is hurt Joe Biden now, because you despise President Trump thats exactly right. I have got the notes right here. Peter Strzok, Vp Logan ACT. He is the one that came up with the idea. Sally Yates, conveniently doesnt. Remember that she doesnt remember any of that, but she does remember. No attempt was made by Biden or Obama to Influns the investigation, Peter Strzok in his contemporaneously notes, say it differently. I wouldnt be surprised if Sally Yates is on the very short list of attorney general in Biden administration. She is not going to go out there and do anything that is going to jeopardize his chances Brian bye. The way the overriding fact is. They put sanctions on Russia after the election when they didnt have immediate reprisal. There has got to be something wrong. We want reprisals. What happened is after conversation, we Michael, we didn anything to do with that.
We are going to have a different philosophy when we take office. There is nothing wrong with that. For the Obama administration, they should have been bubble, wrapping stuff and mailing stuff home. Instead, they seemed to be cutting out. The knee was of the next administration and certainly Michael Flynn. It seems personal. I cannot wait to see what emerges John Durham is set to interview John Brennan, which could signify the end of his investigation. Ian, which means we are calling you again is that all right.
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