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The Hill media reporter Joe Concha: ABC townhall was 'amiable', NBC townhall was 'antagonistic'

2020-10-16 | 🔗
The Hill media reporter Joe Concha reacts to ABC & NBC's town halls and Steve Scully admitting he was not hacked.
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Do you accept the results of? Do you accept the results of the elections? The answer is yes, I will dot l, but I want it to be the honest election question of expanding the court. Still not a fan im, not a fan, it depends on how it turns out. You were asked point blank to denounce white supremacy. In the moment you didnt, why does it seemed like? I denounced white supremacy? Okay besides you aint black. What do you have to say to young black voters, as my buddy John Lewis said its a sacred opportunity to right the vote. Did you hear what you needed to hear? I think so? Ainsley president Trump and Joe Biden facing questions last night in dueling town halls and here to react. Media reporter Joe Con challenge. Hey Joe good Morning, Ainsley Ainsley, im sure you did what we all did flipping back and forth. What are your thoughts? Oh yeah took a lot of notes. You know me last night: look you had on one station ABC Joe Biden, you have
George certify shop in plus senior advisers to President Clinton, Amenable Savanna, Guthrie, husband, former chief of staff, to Al Gores, two thousand presidential campaign. We cant seem to find anybody to do these things that dont have connections to the Democratic Party. I came up with antagonistic, as my word, that kept coming up over and over a debate moderator in this case a town hall moderator who served as a sparring partner in making the show about herself. Let me share some numbers with you. I went through the transcript Ainsley forty three questions by Savanna Guthrie to President Trump. That doesnt even include all the statements that she made during it as well. Do you know how many questions the audience got to ask the whole reason we were having this event a town hall, ten forty three for Guthrie ten for the audience, also for the first twenty four minutes of a one hour event, Savanna Guthrie was the only one asking a questions until an audience member was finally
allowed to do so. Look Savanna Guthrie was not there to inform voters in this case, but instead to pacify NBC employees, who were mad that the town hall was even being held in the first place and Hollywood celebrities. One hundred of them wrote a letter saying this event cannot go on Ainsley, so it was a farce, as we probably expected, because this is the movie we have seen over and over again during these town Hall Debates, Ainsley many were expecting at least one, maybe two questions to Joe Biden about his son Hunter, especially in light of all this news, thats breaking about his emails, his alleged emails, but not one question. Last night, your thoughts yeah, I think Ainsley thats, the 11th commandment now at this point, where thou shall not bring Hunter Biden, any way, shape or form thought police are making sure of that. Remember. If you share even that New York Post story on Hunter Biden, your account would be locked. Kayleigh Mcenany can tell you that she is the White House press secretary. The Trump campaign can tell you that their account was locked as well. So this is censorship that would make George Orwell blush in these situations.
However, did I find it interesting that Joe Biden was asked about packing the courts and he said that he will let voters know before election day one little problem with that twenty million people have already voted Ainsley. If eeven had a halfway objective moderator with George Stephanopoulos, he would have followed wait a minute, sir. Twenty eight million people have already vote. You had dont, they deserve to where you stand on this issue, now no follow up on Stephanopoulos Guthrie kept asking Donald Trump over and over again, if he denounced white Supreme. Since I keep on, as I have for years, goes on. Lester Holt Joe Biden a week before Guthrie follows with this answer, so this is a little bit of a dodge after he says it twice. So then he says. So are you ready? Are you listening? I denounce white supremacy and she says: do you feel that sometimes you are hesitant to do so like you want to so he says it four times and she is still accusing him of not thoroughly denouncing white supremacy.
This is just amazing. We have questions on Qanon and none on immigration and economy. Guthrie brings up taxes, not in the way you would think, raise taxes or lower taxes. In terms of your plans, she brings up trumps taxes instead, which basically no one cares about. We have seen to this point a complete and total farce, Ainsley Ainsley. When you go back to court packing did he say? Yes, he said depending on how they handle this when he said he is going to announce his decision before the election. He said yes, depending on how they handle this, so it wasnt it leaves the door open at least lets talk about this Steve Scully was supposed to be the moderator for the debate last night. Obviously, the debate was canceled. He works at C span and he tweeted that out accidentally to Anthony Scaramucci said he was hacked now he is admitting that he lied about it. Here is his statement. I heard president Trump go on national television twice and at allfalsely attack me out of frustration. I incident is a
brief tweet to Anthony Scaramucci. When I sawing controversy I claimed I was hacked. These are both errors in judgment, for which I am totally responsible. He went on to ask for forgiveness C span suspended him, did not fire him. Are people going to be able to trust him going forward? Obviously, not at this point look that dog didnt hunt from the very beginning, Ainsley Scully, never put out a statement after he said he was hacked saying that this didnt happen and then think about this. If you are hackers and get into a presidential debate, moderators account. Does the conversation really go? Okay, we are in what do we do? Send the Scaramucci tweet, then what we do nothing we do nothing it stunk from the beginning. Bottom line is that the debate commission really screwed this one up because they unilaterally canceled this debate. That was supposed to happen last night, citing president trumps Covid diagnosis, even though he has now tested negative, multiple times
waited and patient and sculpted consulted campaign and found another date. We could have had a second debate. This situation with Steve Scully made it a lot easier to cancel because they would have had to answer questions on not vetting Steve Scully, on sharing a story, no not trump, not ever, and the fact that he worked for that debate. That debate. We have a feeling. We know how that is going to go. Ainsley anyway, got to go, threw out my back horrendous year, heading over to the chiropractor thats. Why im slouching, as opposed to your quite nice posture there Ainsley sitting straight up Ainsley, you look great your doctors appointment taking up your time. You normally love this time when.
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