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The hypocrisy of elites exposed in 2020: Rob Smith

2020-12-29 | 🔗
Author and podcast host Rob Smith joins 'Fox and Friends'
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Call now and get your free infokit will well two thousand and twenty has been a will. Well, two thousand and twenty has been a tough year. Maybe the toughest year in most Americans lives from the pandemic to politics, to riots erupting across the nation. But if theres one thing this year has shed some light on its the greed and hypocrisy of our elites here to discuss the top things we learned, the host of Rob Smith is problematic. Podcast host, Rob Smith, Rob thanks for being here with us this morning. What do you think the biggest lessons are of twenty twenty? Well, so I have a new episode of the podcast is about the biggest winners and losers of twenty twenty, and one of the biggest lessons we learned is that the american people really didnt come out on top this year, because we have a class of elites and politicians who are literally living not by the rules that they want us to live by. You look at Gavin Newsom in California, having dinners with
fifteen thousand dollars wine bills when hes shutdown, bars and restaurants. Look at Governor Cuomo in New Yorks awful decisions, look at Lori, Lightfoot, shutting things down in Chicago, but getting hair cuts, look at Nancy Pelosi, getting a perm when everything was shutdown. The list goes on and on and on, and so the biggest lesson of this year is that the ruling class, these elites do not really care about the american public and they dont care about the american public enough to at least go by the rule that they want to push on us will. I would add, to that rob you include censorship from tech companies, what we are allowed to know about read about, learn about and what we are not, and you realize exactly what you said. But here is a question im always confronted with who are you defining rob as the elites so im defining elites, as were talking, big tech billionaires were talking politicians? I think that when we define elites we talk about people that
are trying to control others and also not living by their own rules. So every politician that I said to you earlier, they count as elite. We have big tech billionaires that are trying to control what we all see on the news that were all exposed to these people are elites, so theyre how I define them will yeah, I think, in the past we might have been tempted to define elites simply by the Leland level of their wealth, but what its become is whether the have the fashion fashionable views for that to be necessary. That is what it is to be an elite in twenty twenty and then you get to, as you pointed out, make the rules for others and look down your nose at them. I want to share a story with you rob I got to get your perspective on this really honestly. A tragic story here is the headlines. From the New York Times a white high school student withdrew from her chosen college. The classmate who shared it publicly says he has no regrets. The headline is a
racial slur and a viral video, and the story is that a 15 year old, inappropriately used a racial slur that video was held some three years later and then disseminated in order to destroy her future. What it successfully did is the University of Tennessee rescinded their admission for her whats. Your reaction to this story rob first of all. Look the girl said the word in the rap song at fifteen years. Old never should have said it, but I think that we have to have a real conversation about the kind of world that we want to live in and how much we are punishing people as adults for things that they did as teenagers in a social media era. I think the New York Times is wrong for reporting this for kind of like trying to make a star out of this kid who destroyed this girls life. I think the University of Tennessee is bad for bowing down to cancel culture by rescinding her admission. I think that theres just a lot of losers on all sides here, but particularly the New York Times, who took such glee in recording this story, because the fact
that they use this story- and they shed this national light on the story- tells me that they agree with the kid that exposed this girl and they abused the power of one of the most elite. Again theres that word elite, one of the most elite, journalistic institutions in the entire country to literally bring down an 18 year old kid for something she did when she was fifteen years old. Its just not moral will right. It wasnt just reporting to your point. But what youre saying is its glorifying the destruction of a childhood mistake? Yes, a mistake and destroying somebody for it rob always enjoy your perspective. Thanks for getting.
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