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‘The Pursuit’ on Fox Nation returning for fourth season

2020-11-16 | 🔗
John Rich previews the new season of the series, which focuses on people working toward achieving the American Dream.
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Brian, the pursuit with John Brian, the pursuit with John Rich, is back for season number four on Fox nation, John, sits down with friends and celebrities of achieving their stories of the american dream, the process along the way, including international, recording artist, David Horn. What is it that would be your advice to these folks to do to have a chance of pulling out of that situation? I believe it honestly starts with the right mindset surround yourself with books with people that have the same mind, set transform yourself by the renewing of your mind. Brian there you go, you talk about the struggles to get there. It makes getting there so much more both and feel so much better about it. John Rich, your mission with this series was to remind Americans what we have in common, which is the right to pursue happiness. Our country is busted up and see. Everybody is fighting about everything I thought to myself. What do we still have in common? Even if we disagree politically, what we
have in common is the right to pursue happiness, the right to chase the american dream. This show the pursuit I sat. People down, some are famous people, some, maybe you havent heard of yet they are in pursuit of happiness. They are chasing down. What is their american dream? The show spaced on a simple premise, that is this country. Doesnt, guarantee you happiness. It guarantees you the right to pursue happiness. Those are the people and stories that I search out for this show Brian yeah do the best you can to give everyone an opportunity, but you cant control outcomes. One other person. You talked to not a country music star, but behemoth of a football star, 6 6, two hundred and seventy. He talked about the effort he put in to get where he got yeah. He has been through a lot. You think, a guy Brian. I thought we were going to roll the clip, but I guess we are not. Are we going to roll it or no? We grew up with a respectful work. My grandfather was the same way. You know kind of that
philosophy that core value we always grew up with, never expect someone to do something for you. I can remember back to five. I literally asked my cousin to ask my grandpa to f. I could have a soda. I got a talking to something so fiercest Brian. What do we learn from Jared that a guy that wig, that talented, you would think, is an easy road for someone like that, its absolutely not what you find out a parallel through all these stories is anybody who winds up succeeding at something it is extremely difficult. There is a loft failure along the way. You know. I think this show kind of flies in the face of socialism, socialism, doesnt incentivize anybody to strive or work hard to try to achieve something bigger than themselves. It just says: stay right where you are at and go with the status quo. What we have in this country is the opposite. It says hey. If you work hard, think big and willing to fail a bunch of times. You might have a shot at something great thats, the pursuit that Nutshell Brian, all right. If it comes free, you just dont
value it right, John. If it was easy to be a music star and be a singer song writer, you wouldnt have this sense of accomplishment that you feel right now right, thats, exactly right with hard work. There is integrity. Our country was built on people that had to struggle they had to die. They had to put their name on a piece of paper: the Declaration of independence. This country was founded on people that wanted to do the best they could to exhaust their potential and create they did its called America. We celebrate that on the pursuit, Brian, the ones that dont give it there, they give it their all the glory and the effort. John thank you have much season. Four of the pursuit is now out on Fox nation. Patriot awards this Friday at 800.
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