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The race for a coronavirus vaccine

2020-09-24 | 🔗
Dr. Nicole Saphier, author of 'Make America Healthy Again;' Dr. Dyan Hes, pediatrician; and Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, pediatrician, join 'Fox and Friends.'
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For a free, Hf Handbook for a free, HF handbook Ainsley as drug companies race to create a coronavirus vaccine, many are weary to give it to their children. What should parents know, especially if schools start requiring it, ask our panel of moms, who are also doctors, Fox NEWS, contributor and mother of three, Dr Nicole Saphier pediatrician and mother? Two of Dr Diane hesitate and Dr Kathleen pediatrician and mother of seven affiliated with the website. My catholic doctor good, to see all three of you good morning good morning, Ainsley Dr Saphier. I know your three children when the vaccine is approved for kids well, Ainsley, you know my oldest son is twenty years old and just like, I recommend the flu shot to him every year. At this point it is up to him. I will be recommending that he gets the flu and covid vaccine assuming it does undergo FDA approval.
That being said, for my older children currently right now in four clinical trials in the, U Dot S entering phase three, they are not actually being done on pediatrics. Yet we dont have that safety data on children. I will wait to see once they have that deescalation data so after they establish safety and effectiveness in adults, they tend to then move towards children and go from the older children working their way down to younger children, with lower doses of the fact screen and thats how they establish the safety in children once that happens, and once it becomes FDA approved for children. Of course, I will also be recommending the vaccine for my children Ainsley, Dr Hess. How far away are we from the vaccine for children? And would you vaccinate your children? I think we are at least two years before we will see something for children, like the previous doctor, said that they have to do rigorous testing in adults. It probably wont be done and even rushing, it probably wont be done until April, and then we have to see how its effective, once its released only tested in eighteen to 65 year olds,
talking about giving to vaccine and people who need it, the most really the people who need it. The most is the elder live which it hasnt been tested in. We dont know if they are going to say we tested it now, eighteen to sixty five now, what do we do for elderly and kids nine months to twelve months before we see any data coming out for children? I think we are a long time away. I think our biggest group that we need to be interested in is the teachers. If the teachers are refusing to go back to school and they have to offer a vaccine, they are in that age group for the most part, are they going to take it, so they can come back to school and safely teach our children and yes, I would give it to my children. Ainsley doctor there is a Study Gallup Poll, one out of three Americans say they would not get the covid vaccine if it were ready. Now, how do you feel about it? And what about your seven children? I am recommending the vac senile for my seven children if its FDA approved its also not quite time to make that decision. My colleagues here as V said
the pediatric data is not available. Yet parents are going to have the benefit of getting a long hard look at how this vaccine has worked in adults before they have to make this decision for their own children. So its a little bit early to ask this question Ainsley. Do you think DR hes will require it? Some schools in New York require the flu shot. Will it be the same for this? I think time will tell after we see the safety efficacy. Maybe it took years for the flu shot to be mandated for ages, five and under in New York. That only happened a few years back, I cant see them mandating a vaccine. Yet time will tell Ainsley right, Dr Saphier. What are your patients? What are their concerns? Ainsley? I work with a lot of immunocompromised patients. If the vaccines undergo the Eua process or FDA approval process, this fall this winter. They
will be the first group to be getting the vaccine. We want the front line, workers, the immunocompromised and other vulnerable populations to get it. My patients will be rnlded to get any FDA approved vaccine as soon as possible doctor. What are your patients asking? You there is concern it will be mandated for schools. My answer is its going to be very hard to mandate a vaccine for a pediatric population, because that population has a very low rate of severe illness and death, so ethical, its hard to mandate, a vaccine for a population that is at minimal risk. Now again, I think the people that have the bigger question are these teachers, should teachers be vaccinated Ainsley? My sister is a teacher. She concerned about her friends that are underlying conditions. They are giving them options to.
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