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Third-generation oil and gas worker on Joe Biden flip-flopping on fracking

2020-09-05 | 🔗
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was against fracking before he was for it.
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Positive for Covid 19 over to you will will thanks Jedediah democratic presidential nominee. Joe Biden cant seem to make up his mind when it comes to fracking im, not banning fracking, no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me. Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a Biden, duration? No, we would work it out. We would make sure its eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those will. Our next guest is a third generation oil and gas worker in Pennsylvania who says the former vice president knows he cant win that battle ground state if he bans fracking Brian Lynn joins me now, Brian thanks for being with us today. What do you believe is Biden going to attempt to ban fracking in fossil fuels or in the opposite in his own words? Does he not thanks for having me on, and I completely completely wholeheartedly think he is against fracking?
He has said it numerous times, its the same song and dance from Joe Biden, his whole career, flip, flopping and its unfortunate. You know that we have a guy thats out there saying. Oh im going to ban fracking to some people and then is he going to come back here to Pennsylvania and say im, nothing not going to do that. I never said that will which word to put credence in. He said several times he wouldnt ban fracking. This was Joe Biden in twenty nineteen. Making a very deep heart felt promise to a constituent. Listen to this. I want you to look in my eyes. Laughter, I guarantee you, I guarantee you. We are going to end fossil fuel and im not going to cooperate on that. Okay whats, your reaction to that Brian. I would love for him to come. Tell me that its mind blowing
to me that he can that people havent been able to see through Joe Biden and see what he is about. Is he pandering to who he can get his votes from its unfortunate anybody who works in the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania knows that he is lying and knows that he is not for oil and gas will Brian. I only have a minute left. I skull this essentially two questions in one. Is it possible to ban fossil fuels if it were accomplished? What would that do to the workforce and the economy around oil and gas? I dont think its possible to ban fossil fuels. I think their green new deal. I think they are leaving out a lot of things that theyre not telling people wind mills are made out of steel, the solar panels. There is a lot of petroleum based products and unfortunately they are not going to tell you this green new deal. I think we should ask AOC the bartender. What her take is on how we are going to just
magically make these wind mills out of fairy dust will yeah whether or not its the ability or the inability to ban fossil fuels or the job losses. That would then follow its important to figure out which side of this debate Joe Biden, is on right now. He is on all sides.
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