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Thousands attend pro-police and veteran boat parade

2020-09-06 | 🔗
A massive flotilla of boats set sail at the New Jersey shore in an effort to show support to our brave men and women in law enforcement and our veterans.
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Pete a massive flotilla set sail along the Jersey Shore in an effort to show support for men and women in law enforcement and our veterans and for many our president, were checking back in with the organizers to see if they broke the Guinness Book of World records joining us from the water, the parade, organizer and grand Marshal councilman for a township in New Jersey. We had a big turnout, but what was the turnout? You can reflect generally on the big day, but also break down. The numbers for us were estimating that we had over two thousand boats, which is an unofficial record. We reached out to Guinness and we got no response back from them. But that is good enough for me. I will take that it was a wonderful showing and was just all around great event that went off without a one
problem at all PETE, so George, that would make you the grand marshal of the world record breaking flotilla. What was it like to see? There see the outpouring of support at this moment for law enforcement? Well, there was a lot of electricity on the water and it was just one big parade for approximately four to five hours and for four to five hours. Nobody worried about anything going on in their personal lives. Everyone was happy having a good ol time on the bay here, PETE Chris. These have popped up across the country. This flotilla was try to break the record. What happened down in Florida looks like you accomplished it. Maybe they will try to best you again next year, right PETE. What is it about this moment? Our president, that has people motivated to find a creative way to get out there to demonstrate their report, its a phenomenon
we found. This is a peaceful way to get out there to show support for our boys in blue and our veterans, and our president supports them. It all kind of meshes together. You know as one movement that everybody can get behind and, like I said you dont necessarily have to be a trump supporter to come out here to enjoy the day. You know well take on that competition from Texas, Florida or whomever its a great competition to be in, and you know well continue to do it and try to break records. We can tennis it back and forth PETE. You just might well see George. I want to ask you, because you guys have been very clear saying this is a parade for law enforcement for vets in the military. It so happens a lot of people. There also support the president because of his support, did you find any political disagreement? Did you find Joe Biden flags anybody out there saying hey im,
a Democrat but im for this? We saw one Joe Biden flag. We welcomed him to the parade. Look. We may disagree politically. That is, okay were here to support the boys in blue and support our veterans to have a good time out here. The world right now is just it is at breaking points in terms of you know. We believe in this. We believe in that there is a lot of infighting, so we believe if we have everyone come together and Chris and I have been trying to unite everyone down here at the Jersey shore. We think that is more effective way than arguing on social media or anywhere else PETE Chris Molla, George Williams, youre, taking the initiative were trying PETE, whether anyone recognizes it or not. Maybe they will.
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