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Thousands of Californians attend 'Let Us Worship' beach protests in defiance of state lockdown

2020-07-30 | 🔗
Hold the Line founder Sean Feucht speaks out on the fight for the right to worship in California.
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Pete, welcome back PETE, welcome back thousands of Christians protesting Gavin Newsom after he banned singing in church and put other restrictions on indoor venues this past Sunday and Monday over five thousand Californians attended. Let us worship protest on the beach organized by our next guest protests and worship here with more behind his movement, worship, leader and founder of hold the line, Sean Feucht. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. Some churches are saying we are going to abide by them. We are going to stay inside. Have you taken another route? We are going to the beach and we are going to worship talk to us about what you are doing. Yeah I mean its not just beaches, we are going under bridges and we are meeting in fields and really anywhere. We can gather and spread out and worship. We are finding those places its summertime in California and its just been such an amazing movement that we have seen so much momentum on
PETE. Why is it Sean in your belief that churches were deemed nonessential and things like singing banned when other activities, especially when you turn on your tvs and see protests and riots are allowed to go on? What is it about church thats feel like has made them a target? Well, you know it is a double standard and I would say you know, at best its hypocrisy and at worse its bigotry that there is target on churches. While we are seeing across America, thousands of people gather and protest in the streets and protest in our cities are burning, and yet we are not allowed to you gather and worship and sing. I mean its pretty outrageous. Tell us your message to other pastors. You founded hold the line to get more pastors involved in the civic conversation to be involved in politics. A lot of pastors are shy away from that whats your message to religious leaders today,
you know, I think, its time we have to rise up. We need bold and courageous pastors that are not only going to stand on our constitutional rights to worship, but are they going to stand up against the insanity of these laws that are targeting the church? I mean we really and I think its, what we are seeing across America. You know we started a petition, let us worship, let us worship, dot us and sign a petition. Tens of thousands of Christians have signed it to take a stabbed in this hour. Pete turns without the first amendment the very liberties we Cher Liberal could vanish. I think im told you are headed to Portland soon talk to us about that its been a hot spot with the riots there whats your mission ahead of there yeah. I think you know we are looking at some of these cities, where the narrative that Americans have seen has just been burning and destruction, and you know its been pretty
disheartening. Will the church of Portland the church in Oregon? They want to rise up, they want to gather together. They want to change the narrative and flip the script on their cities, so we are going to gather there in waterfront park. On August eighth, we are going to gather thousands of Christians, its going to be peaceful, its going to be full of love. We are going to sing and worship and we are hoping that we can, even through our worship, started to change the atmosphere in that city PETE. If im Correct, thats a Saturday Sean I host the weekend show you will have to come back on that Sunday and let us know how.
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