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Three cities deemed anarchist jurisdictions by DOJ

2020-09-22 | 🔗
C'mone Wingo, retired Dallas police officer, Mike Solan, Seattle Police Officers Guild president, and Dr. Oscar Odom, former NYPD detective, on DOJ reviewing funding for NYC, Portland and Seattle.
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Did you hear about this? Did you hear about this labeling New York, city, Portland and Seattle anarchist jurisdictions now reviewing their federal funding attorney General Bill Barr, explaining quote when state and local leaders impede their own law enforcement officers and agencies from doing their jobs? It endangers innocent citizens who deserve to be protected, including those trying to peacefully assem being and protest. We cannot allow federal tax dollars to be wasted when the safety of the citizenry hangs in the balance here to react. Is Seattle, police officers Guild MIKE Sloan, former Nypd, detective, Oscar Odom and C Moneysomalian Wingo. This is not okay, we tried federal troops, it got a bad reaction locally, they pulled the federal agents out
and now this is another message, its funny that a dot g Barr has stated that the dollars would be wasted because businesses arent being protected, and now these cities are crying. This is so unfair. So how unfair is it? You are wanting to defund the police departments in your cities. You know you are allowing people to be murdered, raped, robbed on the streets and pulling the police officers back. I think its two fold, its bad on one hand and good on the other. Who is going to really you know? Who is it really going to help? If do you this its really a hard thing to look at, I tell you whats, really unfair is to keep the police away when
people are needing help. Brian, absolutely Dr Odom, the Nypd basically told everybody to stand down. Let everyone blow off steam took a billion dollars out of the budget, and then when it comes to actually policing they have cut the academy. Why should the president step up? He definitely should step up to make sure safety public. Apparently they are not reading the data murder gone up last year at this point two hundred and nineteen murders as compared to three hundred and twenty one at this point, which would also the whole year he needs to step and make sure there is some sort of accountability. There is some sort of mismanagement in the budget because they are talking about defund and the crime is going up exponentially. Therefore they are not reading the data and the resolving justice system is also an issue. People talk about revolving door, need incarcerate and slash or rehabilitate
look at the numbers going up. Look at the record of the people that you are arresting. They are not committing crimes because they lost their job. They are not stealing food. They need to look at that. Brian CEO wrote a letter hey MR mayor. We want to come back, you need to clean up the streets because you stopped picking up sanitation and crack counsel on time. He said im out of money. I have never seen such leadership. Excuse me check that. I saw the lack of leadership in Seattle MIKE Sloane thats. Your cue is that sent to cities like yours absolutely is it puts officials on notice? No more of this nonsense in particular, if you dont have the political will power to enforce the rule of law, everybody suffers and its quite clear that this reasonable community in Seattle want public safety, because we are not supported Ritz now, thats. Why we stop defunding dot com right now,
go to our petition at stop. Defunding dot com we have over one hundred and eighty thousand signatures, Brian unbelievable. Now the council is going to vote today, whether they will veto or sustain the veto by the mayor. Anybody that supports defund is nonsensical and they are not looking for solution. Brian. I want to bring this to you cmone. If I can. This is the attorney general of New York reading about this anarchist legislation and withholding of funds. James New York attorney general, listen to what she said is behind this. The president in the past has indicated he would punish New York, for whatever reason it SAR buy, temporary it is capricious. It may not even happen. This president is doing nothing more than Saber rat ling rat ling to his base, using words and phrases that, unfortunately, are filled with racial overtones. Brian, do you sense racial overtones?
If you see the anarchists most of them are white. There is a story about all these rich kids going down and creating chaos. I didnt see it, but am I missing something? No, there is no racial overtone. You talk about punishment punishment than taking all this money, hundreds of billions and millions of dollars from the New York City, police budget people are leaving New York and they should because this system that they have set up is not working. It it a bust. Now you want to call it racial and pull the race card. It has nothing to do with race. This is all about being safe, defenderring the land and making sure your citizens are safe, which New York is not being able to do because they are taking all the money. They are defunding their police department, Brian yeah, Dr Odom. The thing is a lot of the working class communities, a lots of inner city communities. They are the ones that need the policing, so they can go about their lives.
They are being hurt the most most, definitely and thats who they are hurting and they are talking about any want to help the community. If you want to help the community, you put the police officers out there, you fund them, allow them to do their jobs, so people can walk around safely. Have you these few people uprising and do all of this nonsense and causing problems for people, though live in the community? Thats? Why murder and robbery and shooting is up, like I said, dead bodies, dont lie. This is the wild Wild West Brian MIKE it started with you guys. Is the message beginning to get sent even to those way on the left that you need to have law and order in order to have anybodys agenda fulfilled absolutely the biggest supporter of our first amendment rights are police officers the right to peaceful assembly? Finally, I think the counsel is walking back record of nonsensical defund message. Clearly, people are seeing that if you do not have rule of order, you do not support the
police officer that defend and protect all of us regardless. If you support the police or not, then we are all in big trouble and the law enforcement profession is being used politically to divide us for political power. Clearly, for this November election, we must have the reasonable community stand up and support police. Now, more than ever, please go to stop defunding dot com, Brian. They say the biggest surprise of this election people talk about suburban women. They talk about the hispanic vote. They should be looking at the police vote, seven hundred thousand active retired and their families, one party supporting them, the other vilifying them. That could turn this election and bottom line is if you care about law and order, I think we should really back the blue, and I think that if you want to expand the academy you want to finance, you want to talk about different techniques, thats, where we were heading.
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