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TikTok fires back after President Trump announces plan to ban the social media app

2020-08-02 | 🔗
Reaction from Asia analyst Gordon Chang, author of 'The Coming Collapse of China.'
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Apologies Jed Jedediah, thanks Griff Chinese owned video sharing, app Tiktok is firing back after President Trump announced plans to ban the app in the United States over security concerns. The company says they are not going anywhere. We appreciate the support we are here for the long run and continue to share your voice here and stand for Tiktok PETE appreciate all the support of the communist chinese government. Asian analyst Gordon Chang joins us now, author of the coming collapse of China and the great: U Dot S, China, tech war. Thank you for being here. Much may have caught some people by surprise. Tiktok is in the cross, hairs people follow it closely. The way the Communist Chinese an use and have used the app. What will happen here? I think a forced sale perhaps to Microsoft. Somebody else bite dance, which is the private chinese company that owns tiktoks? U dot s operations is no
longer going to own it one way or another. Either an executive order from the President of the United States or some deal means that ticktock or some deal means that Ticktock is going to be: U Dot S owned. Pete Gordon go ahead: Griff Griff, I wanted to say God, Gordon, whether they divest or go to Microsoft. Otherwise, will the threat be fully removed? That is my question: if it is: U Dot S owned that the threat will be removed, ticktock issues, always these assurances. Ultimately it is chinese owned. We have to remember the twenty seventeen national Intelligence LAW of China requires every chinese entity to spy. If demanded communist partys top down system, nobody can resist an order from the party, so these assurances from Tiktok are really meaningless. People need to put them into context.
We know. Tiktok has been spying apple caught it twice this year in April and late June, using clipboard function, and there is, for instance, another violation, this time abusing the information of minors. So Tiktok is a bad actor and weve got to consider not just the theoretical concerns, but also what in fact it has been doing Jedediah you know Gordon. Some of the assurances provided by Tiktok are that the data is stored in the United States, that there are a lot of american investors and, as a result of that, something nefarious, possibly couldnt, be going on. What is your response to that? Well, you know those assurances you know we remember. Communist party rules will dictate that bite dance. The private chinese company will force Tiktok to share data illicitly. You know this is just a series of ongoing issues. There is one other thing Jed
and that is we cant China doesnt allow american apps in China. So why are we allowing chinese apps in the United States? This is a fundamental issue of fairness of reciprocity, so it seems to me that if Tiktok doesnt sell then weve got to ban it. Pete Gordon turn about is fair play. Not only do they not allow apps steal our technology. Will this be a new America where we force american companies to be american and not work with our enemies were seeing that in the Trump administration, for instance, in the similar situation, the Trump Administration forced the sale of grinder the dating app? I think it is important, because you know weve seen China abuse its apps and use them to spy on Americans and, as you point out, China steals hundreds of billions of dollars of U Dot s intellectual property each year. There is also other bad acts.
The Trump administration is moving forcefully to end these, because this is just been a grievous wounds on the american economy and our future Griff. That is a good point. President Trump made it pretty.
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