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Tim Montana performs 'Do It Fast' on 'Fox & Friends'

2020-11-20 | 🔗
Country music artist Tim Montana performs his new EP on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley, thank you Steve. Well, you know him from hit song american thread now country, singer. Tim Montana is making his label debut with his brand new EP cars on blocks and its out today, and he joins us now to celebrate the release. Hey TIM good morning, thanks for having me Ainsley youre. Welcome when I saw cars on blocks made me chuckle a little bit because it takes me back. Tell me your story. I grew up in trailer house off the grid till eighteen and you had a car on the block in the driveway in case you needed spare parts. You never know Ainsley. That is great american story. I know you collaborated with big stars that helped inspire you to write. The songs. Tell the folks at home who you worked with on this one wrote some of the stuff with David Lee Murphy,
great song, writer that contributed with us Michael Knox, producer brand, new songs, and you know country, lifestyle Ainsley. You always do such a great job, focusing on so many people, important to the risk of the country and thats military first responders. Hard working Americans tell us how they have inspired you when youre sitting down pen to paper to write the songs man. I grew up that way. First responders thats important to me to tell their stories in crazy times. You know we need the essential people that are out there hustling Working Ainsley. I know youre friends with you write a song with evil caneval.
What are we going to hear today? Anyone thats not afraid to go full pedal to the metal Ainsley. All right well right now here is TIM Montana. Now here is TIM Montana. Take it away
very nice, very nice, TIM Montana,.
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