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Tips to strengthen and safeguard your home

2020-08-23 | 🔗
Insight from Leslie Chapman-Henderson, president and CEO of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes.
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Same area coming this week will will stick around with me. You said now is never a better time to be prepared. Two storms bearing down California destroyed by wildfires figure out how we can be prepared. We bring in Leslie Chapman Flash Federal Alliance for save homes. Rick pointed out. We have natural disasters on two coasts, start with tropical storm and hurricanes share with me. What homeowners can do to prepare for something like this? What is the biggest vulnerabilities protecting our homes? We want you to be hurricane strong. The way you do that, keeping wind and water out Hurricane strong dot org. We have everything you need to know checklists podcasts. I want to highlight things that are simple and affordable. If you have a little bit of diy in your soul, you can get these done now start in the garage look inside out make sure you have enough connectors and mounting Brac
torts on either side of the garage door when the door fails. It fails. Ninety five percent, we want the track overhead and door to stay in place, will strengthen your garage roof soffits. How do we prepare for these types of natural disasters? Your organization is centralized spot for information for people, especially with covid. You need a better plan in plains, even than they would normally with this kind of a year. You know a lot about insurance and codes for homes. Talk a little bit about that. Now people can find out the best information for their particular home for what you guys do sure again, with focus on things you can do now today have an insurance checkup get on the phone to your company. What is my deductible, so you know how much out of pocket you will have another great thing to do: have home insurance inventory, update
cell phone on video walk through the house, close up shops of serial numbers file numbers, any type of insurance claim will be smoother easier faster. It is really hard to recover from these events. Everything you do right now can bring you back faster. When it comes to the house, you need to probably figure out your building code. We can help you with that too, because that is the recipe that was used to construct your home, and you will know if you can be safe at home. We know with covid people want to stay and shelter in place as long as youre, not in a hurricane evacuation zone. You can do that, but you got to protect your openings check your garage and take advantage of some of the many affordable hacks that we have online for you that really a lot of them are just about caulking and adhesive safely. Getting on a ladder. If you get stuck, call us well help you through it will Leslie a ton of information at their website. Flash preparing for wildfires, not.
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