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Tom Homan calls on Oregon county DA to resign, blasts Kamala Harris comparing ICE to KKK

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Retired ICE Acting Director Tom Homan joins 'Fox & Friends' to react to the latest on U.S. protests and Sen. Kamala Harris' record on law enforcement.
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Federal agents arrive in federal agents, arrive in Oregon to clear out hundreds of protesters ICE says they were blocking suspects carrying suspects of accused of violent criminal history. Here is retired ice director Tom Homan Tom thanks goodness we were there to back up what ice was doing, but why did it come to this? You know its really disgusting. You would think the community would be grateful that ice is taking public safety threats off their streets, so ice is helping protect that community, but look the state of Washington the State of Oregon has been taken over by the progressive left and for the police department to stand there and do nothing. What really irritates me is district attorney of that county made a statement. He has never been so proud of that community and disgusted with the federal government. He should resign immediately because that is not what he is supposed to be about. Is he supposed to be about law enforcement, protecting the community enforcing the law and prosecuting criminals thats? What ice is doing in his county? He should be thanking them and
not gusted with they. His name is John Hummel. He said quote: I was on the scene of the standoff with ice and impressed with the passion shown to our community criminals blocking a bus for criminals. He said they have tried to broker some type of resolution with DHS to no avail. He should resign. Today it is disgusting. He is in direct conflict of his duties as a district attorney to number one protect his community number two protect law enforcement and the rule of law, Brian right, but were in an era where illegal immigrants have the same rights as legal immigrants and in an era where no one pays the price for criminal activity. Hence look what happened in Portland and Chicago many people outraged. We will see if they show up at the ballot box. Lets talk about Kamala Harris, and this moment I know you will never forget when you have then acting director of border patrol talking to testifying on
Capitol Hill about our policy at the border, listen to where the senator from California takes this conversation. The plan was that what we would call today, a domestic terrorist group. Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at ice is being used to enforce the laws? Are you atblar is a perception I see? No, are you aware there is a perception put ice in the same category as the KKK and just to give total context for that? He is asked to group Mr Vitiello Acting director of ice and talk about our border policy. She says: do you know what the clan is? Yes do you know what they did. Yes, now, how do you disseminate between what the clan does and did and what ice is doing? Can you believe that one federal law enforcement agency compared to a domestic terrorist group, you know I wish I would have been there for that it?
I wish she would have asked me that question men and women of ice are american patriots. They are enforcing laws that Congress enacted her a member of Congress ICE isnt, making this up nine out of ten people. Ice arrests are public safety, stlets, pending conviction or pending criminal charges. Enforcing the law protecting this country to say, compare them to the KKK is ridiculous. That itself is a racist statement made by Kamala Harris Brian hey. It worked out for her. She is thought running mate of Joe Biden, who are eighty days to find out if she is the next vice president of the United States, crazy, either law enforcement or anti law enforcement thats. What its coming down.
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