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Tomi Lahren on CA leaders breaking their own coronavirus restrictions

2020-12-02 | 🔗
Tomi Lahren discusses political leaders’ coronavirus hypocrisy and previews her ‘Fox Nation’ interview with sports journalist Clay Travis on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Plus zero percent interest for thirty six months ends Monday may cause headache. Ainsley more California, officials caught breaking their own pandemic rules. San Franciscos mayor, London Bree. She is under fire for attending a dinner party at up scale. Restaurant, the same one where the governor was french laundry. Just one day after Governor Newsom attended a dinner there, both had told Californians to stay home at avoid social gatherings, Steve this as the mayor of San Jose how apologizing for spending thanksgiving with his parents after telling people to avoid the kind of holiday gatherings they went to say Brian here, to react to both those things. West Coast expert, Fox nation, host, Tomi Lahren. You are probably one of the few, not surprised by the hypocrisy we see from the governors to these mayors. This is typical, California, Democrats doing typical democrat things. I will do something shock. I will defend all of these mayors, the governor and the City council members breaking their own rules. I will go ahead and defend them.
They are doing normal activities that normal Americans wish they could be doing. The problem is, they are the ones putting the restrictions in place on the restaurants and business owners, crushing them and livelihoods, but they can simply get away with an apology, and it goes away. The hypocrisy and double standard is absolutely ridiculous. Steve! Well, the San Franciscos Mayor Press person put out a statement and said the mayor has always been cautious when she is dining out which we all should now, with cases riding and Bay Area County moving back into the purple tier, she is once again limiting her action and encouraging all San Franciscans to do the same. Obviously, everybody during a global pandemic has got to be careful. The probable for her is is it is just she got caught more and more California Democrats being caught.
Think about it. This way, her press person put out a statement that what is shoe is able to get away with every California. Business owner should be upset with this. They cant. Just u just put out apology. Their businesses are being destroyed, legacies being destroyed. Many businesses will never be reopened crushed so badly by these restrictions. But then the mayor just puts out a statement with her press person and thats supposed to make everything. Okay, no, I hope Californians are paying attention Ainsley, Brian and I were in the green room and talked about how the pandemic has affected sports sat down with clay, Travis Sports journalist, reflecting on the pandemic and impact on sports watch a clip of that no interruption on Fox nation and get your reaction on the other side. The thing I thought would unite everybody, not just in sports, but around the country getting back to normal and playing sports again.
I think they bought into the media, fear, porn and didnt. Look at the Democrat Tavment athletes, the most healthy people out there. If anything, theyre the people that we need to be the most active in this society, they need to be back to work. They need to be back to play. They need to be back to school. All of those things need to happen. Ainsley Tomi tell us more about your interview. Clay Travis is a good friend of mine. He has from the get go been talking about how we need to get back to actual normal. The other thing he talked about episode streaming on Fox nation. We wish these athletes with huge platforms advocating for public school kids to go back to school and play the sports, which in many case, is the reason that they do well its the reason they go to school, its the reason that they feel like they belong somewhere. We wish these athletes would use their platform to advocate for that, because, as clay tells us in the interview, its the private school kids, its the kids with money, its the kids that are able to have resources that arent being so much affected by all of this, but its those public school kids that arent being able to
go to school or play sports that have being so badly damaged by all of this, we wish those athletes would step up and speak out. Brian thats going to be very important. Also when it comes to sports. Are we going to see the Ravens Steelers tonight, as I think, more ravens have just turned up positive. They have been trying to play this game now for six days and we will see it on Wednesday, Tomi Lahren thanks so much. We will look forward to watching no interruption with you on Fox nation. Every episode is special.
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