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Tomi Lahren says she 'expects Trump will call Biden to the carpet' at debate

2020-10-22 | 🔗
Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren and country music star John Rich previews the final presidential debate on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Plus zero percent interest for twenty four months on all smart beds, only for a limited time, memory learning Brian President Trump and Joe Biden facing off on final presidential debate in just a few hours Fox Nation- is there to help guide you, through with a debate watch party, its hosted by Fox nation, professional watcher, Tomi, Lahren and another professional watcher, John Rich later PETE Hegseth will join in the fun from Nashville. Guys im excited for you about this format. Tomi start us off. What is the pro show going to be like in this party like setting? We are going to set up our predictions for the debate, maybe think of some buzz words for our drinking game later, on that we can listen to and prepare for for the debate, and then we are going to have a great old time. I hear some comedians might stop, might have a trump impersonator. You never know in Nashville, music city anything can happen. Brian whats Broadway, like John Rich. This is your bar. You are in restaurant
sitting, redneck Rivera on Broadway right now. I have seen this bar at this time of the morning, but not beginning of the day thats a fact. This is called the heros bar right behind us. If you are a veteran or active duty or first responder, we roll out the red carpet. We have patches and coins from people all over the United States. So this is the perfect place where patriots come to gather and watch this debate tonight. Brian got the pregame watching during you. Have the game and Post game Tomi. Give me an idea of you who you think this is going to go well. I expect President Trump to call Biden to the carpet and, as I have been saying all week, this is music city time for Joe Biden to face the music, and we know Donald Trump is going to hold them accountable, whether the moderator will or not. That remains to be seen. President Trump will get in what he needs to get in. They can mute his mic, but I dont think they can ever mute the Donald Brian Climate Change, Covid 19, american families, race leadership, national security.
How does the President get in what he is upset about with the Biden family and with hunters laptop? Does he fit that in John Rich im? Guessing he will I mean I have heard people advise him. You know both directions on that thats such a huge thing with the not knowing about the election interference. As the FBI talked about last night. There is a lot of new subjects. I have no doubt will be brought up Brian Tomi. How much does Broadway feel like Broadway being we are still in the coronavirus era? When you walk around zero, a dot m, there is not a whole lot going on. We are still battling an 1100, p, DOT M curfew here and John, and I have been vocal about our mayor, wonderful, John Cooper and what he is doing to this town. We are ready to bring the music back to music city and ready to go past, 1100, p, dot m. We can do it safe and responsibly. John can do it safe and responsibly. If Mayor Cooper is watching this morning, lets open up music city, Brian John, its been tough on you guys, hasnt. It
it has, we have lost so many bands musicians, servers, bartenders security people, all the people that make Broadway work, which Broadway is the main line of commerce for Nashville. Our mayor has been really really hard on us. The music never dies it lives on, and so will we Brian. That is an issue who can relate better to this coronavirus era of lockdown, as opposed to open up correct, oh absolutely and its impacting, of course, Democrat run cities more than a lot of republican run cities who wants to be open for business, who know that they can want people to be safe and responsible and operate their business and get back to work. A lot of people dont want to wait for their government stimulus check. They want to reopen their business and were hoping that happens across the country. Maybe after the election here is to hoping Brian PETE Hegseth has to get camera time. How do you plan on working him in PETE is going to be our bartender tonight
so typically, and I are Tomi and and we will go PETE another red whiskey on the rocks Brian? It will be great watch debate party tonight, 830 eastern time, use the promo code debate, free trial of Fox nation and all three of them have great series.
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