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Tomi Lahren sits down with 'true American patriot' Ryan Weaver

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Tomi Lahren previews new episode of 'No Interruption' on Fox Nation.
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Jedediah in the new edition of Jedediah, in the new edition of no interruption with Tomi Lahren, she sits down with Ryan Weaver. She joins us now tell us more about it. Welcome to the show, as always, tell us about Ryan and what people can expect to see in this episode. Well, Ryan, really is the definition of a great american patriot. Not only did he serve our country and the military, but he is also part of a family thats, a two gold star family losing his brother and his brother in law in combat. So he knows exactly what it means to serve and to sacrifice when he got out of military. He decided to pursue a career in country music. Is he here in Nashville Tennessee doing just that, but, more importantly than his country, music career is bringing service and sacrifice and what that means to every day Americans. So they can understand that, and I had the opportunity to sit down with him and hear all about it. Jedediah we have a clip from your interview. This is Ryan Weaver on what the flag means to him needs to experience, and I would never wish it on them. Is
the military funeral for their family but to understand what it means: bring your loved ones home underneath a flag and a casket Jedediah? So this is a particularly important message right now, considering what the country is going through. Can you talk a little bit about that? You know when I spoke to Ryan. We were talking about everything going on in the country and watching so much people who actively say that they hate the country in which they live and its a country that he fought for and its a country that his family died for, and so he wants to remind folks that want to burn that flag or that dont believe the national anthem or the flag mean much. What did feels like to bring family members home under that flag? It has a different meaning for those military families and thats. What folks, like me, have been saying for years, and we have been dealing with the kneeling and now we are dealing with such unabashed hatred of this country and Ryan, and I really want to remind folks what that flag and
that anthem mean to folks like him and his family. It means something a little different, a little bigger jedediah. What do you think people can learn from Ryans story? The country is in a very divided place right now and Ryan seems to have a voice that can help to bring people together and remind people whats important, oh absolutely, but beyond his story of service and sacrifice and pursuing the american dream, what he also wants people to remember, especially conservatives out there that are afraid to speak up afraid to say that they support the military or that they love their country or that they support the police is that people like him and his family have fought and sacrificed for your right to speak up. So if you are a conservative, make sure you are not letting that free speech and that expression go to waste because we know the left isnt going to do it make sure you are using your voice as well its something that he is very passionate about and something he believes in wholeheartedly and he fought for Jedediah. Thank you so much Tomi for being here an important episode. People can watch no interruption on Fox nation and we will see.
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