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Top tech picks for back to school

2020-08-30 | 🔗
Kurt 'The CyberGuy' Knutsson shares the best tech to make the most of the new school year.
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Plus zero percent interest for sixty months on all smart beds ends Monday ends Monday Jedediah. It is the end of summer and time for back to school and whether you are learning from home returning to a classroom or a little bit of both Kurt Knutsson, the cyber guy has the best tech to make most of the school year. Amazing Kurt, you always bring us great products. You have a great break down of back to school stuff. Take it away Jedediah good morning to you, you know one of the things you keep hearing from parents is, they dont know what their school districts doing one day its one thing one day the kids are going back or a mixture of the both like youre saying the one thing thats consistent its like weve got to get a grip on organization and sleeping, and the schedule of sleeping is one of the things to drive home. This right here is from hatch any new parent knows about this. This is hatch rest. This is for the young ones of the family, and the key here is that it helps develop a real, healthy sleeping schedule.
Its got a smart night light soothing, sound machine, its got a time to rise schedule that naturally wakes up the young ones in the family. Then they have the same one that actually they amped up for you, adults, called hatch, restore which also double as a night light on the side of your night stand its a brilliant way to tack technology, take technology, and after you use it, you just go okay. Now I get it, I get how im getting a great nights sleep. Those are really important. Also in many parts of the country we have a huge bottleneck of the internet. You have people that live in areas where they cant get broad band internet. Then you have people who are using the broadband internet, but so many people in the house are cramming so much data through it that its not working all the time you might be taking a zoom call and its not working so well. This is out which is great. This is called flair. This will take the cell phone signal, doesnt matter, which wireless carrier you have if you ever dropped a call in
your house. If your phone has had a soft area in your house, this goes inside Anen, ten that outside an antenna outside this goes inside its about eight times of what it normally would do. You could be really far from a cell phone tower and its going to bring it much closer to you and those calls will go through and that data will go you through really well. This just came out last week. This is I love these. This is the my passport from WB, tiny, great slim design fits in the palm of your hand, five hundred gigabytes or one terabyte. You take it on the g go. Why am Ian advocate of these im, tired of my data being on the cloud somewhere else? You own the data, bring it back to yourself for kids, you take your stuff. Where are you going to go today? Im at school tomorrow, im at home,
it alotion hows you to take, allows you to take your stuff on the go and run the great one is available at Wd dot com. Well, have all these things as well as youve heard about this Jedediah, the back to school, laptop shortage, five million laptops, apparently backlogs, you have a school district that ordered five thousand of these Lenovo.
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