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Trey Gowdy on the Durham probe

2020-11-17 | 🔗
Author of 'Doesn't Hurt to Ask' Trey Gowdy reacts to the Durham Russia probe investigation on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Brian president, trumps legal fight over the twenty twenty election. Far from over this morning, Steve Statewide Joe Biden leads President Trump by approximately are fourteen thousand votes in Georgia. Forty nine point: five versus forty nine point: two Ainsley Ainsley thats right and here now is Fox NEWS, contributor, former House Oversight Committee, chairman and author of: does it hurt to ask Mr Trey God duh, hey Trey, good, to see you? How are you Ainsley good morning from a law school standpoint, legal standpoint? What is the path here? Well, the path for Republicans needs to be. Every legal vote is counted and no unlawful of vote is counted and Ainsley. That needs to be true, whether its fraud or simply a mistake. It needs to be true whether the errors are consequential or dispositive or not. I mean we should have zero margin for error in something as important as our presidential
election. So true, two thousand six hundred votes would not be sufficient to change the outcome in Georgia, but my interest is not just in changing outcomes. It is making sure the next election this one and the next one. We can all have confidence in it, so keep going based on the evidence, Brian. How much longer do you think he has until states begin to certify their election results, and then I guess on December, the 14th when the electoral college meets. But you know it is the not to me just about the election we just had ing. I mean if memory serves, we have two more elections coming up in Georgia in January and sure I enough were going to have another presidential election. We should have zero acceptance for error, whether its fraud or mistake in our presidential elections, Steve well Trey. You know there are so many stories out there and so many suggestions that a lot of rumors about what may or may not is have happened, and so you know were still in that gray area right now, but going forward once its all
sorted out and figured out there are going to be a lot of people who do not accept whatever the result is right, which is why the only word you hear me use is evidence. I cant I mean I cant traffic in rumors, I cant traffic. I have to be able to cross, examine it so thats. Why I like the courtroom. There are rules. You present your case. Look televisions, easy! I can say what I want on television, but cross examine the evidence so for everyone who has claimed x at some point, there needs to be an accounting for what you claimed and there needs to be a consequence. If you have overstated your case, which is why you never hear me say widespread fraud, I dont want isolated instances or mistakes. It doesnt have to be fraud. For me, even an innocent calculation error. I dont want us to have those in presidential races. Ainsley just count all of the ballots.
We all deserve to know this, its a fair process, P, Democrats and Republicans alike. All right! So do you think the mail in votes going forward? You mentioned the election in four more years. Well be talking about another presidential election in the next few years. Do you think well continue to see these democratic states, especially the democratic governors, push the mail in ballots, yeah, Ainsley, even after corona, oh of course, because its advantageous to them? So our forefathers for reasons I dont fully understand left it up to the states. Although Congress Ainsley can get involved if Californias going to decide to harvest votes, and meanwhile republican states will be criticized for even asking you to show an id e when you vote, so this is going to be all at the astronaut level. But d at the state level. Democrats are going to do whatevers easiest for them to win elections. Brian W5Eu9Ing, to see whats
happening with the Durham probe. Here is what Jim Jordan hopes for. Mr Durham is doing his work. I expect that some kind of report some kind of investigation here real soon like you, I am frustrated that it didnt happen sooner but hook you and I cant put anyone. We cant prosecute anyone we cant indict anyone. All we can do is get the facts out to the american people. The Justice Department has to do that. Im hopeful theyre, going to have something real soon for the american people, Brian Sean Davis, at the federalist tweets out. According to his sources, the Durham probe investigation will not be released. Hes dropping it hes worried about blowback from Joe Biden. If that is indeed true, can that happen? Can you pay for a probe and not come forward with any conclusions that would be shocking? To me I mean John Durhams. Never struck me as someone whos afraid of Joe Biden or President Trump or anyone else. You know federal prosecutors, dont serve at the pleasure of presidents. I mean these career prosecutors can keep going
its going to be really bad for the country for us to have been led to believe that this defunnive accounting is coming and then have it not come whatever the results are produce. What you found for the last two years Steve exactly there may not be indictments, but at least let us see- and this goes back to your earlier testimony- counselor the evidence. Yeah, I mean indictment thats the highest form of sanction we have in our culture. I dont like malfeasance, I dont like negligence, I mean if people abuse their position, it may not be indictable, but we still need to know about it. Weve got of to have confidence in the FBI, so John Durham, whatever you found good, bad or indifferent, you need to present it. My sense is hes, not afraid of Joe Biden or anyone else. So I hope that report wrong, and I hope Jim Jordan is right and Jim usually is right. Steve very good.
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