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Trey Gowdy slams media for not covering Hunter Biden bombshell

2020-10-15 | 🔗
The former South Carolina congressman and 'Doesn't Hurt to Ask' author on Facebook, Twitter restricting the New York Post Hunter Biden bombshell report.
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Vice President Biden, you owe the people of America an apology because it turns out you are a corrupt politician, cheers and applause. The Biden family treated the vice presidency as a for profit corporation flying around the globe collecting millions of dollars from China and Ukraine and Russia and other countries. He lied to you over and over because hes trying to cover up a massive pay for play scandal at the heart of his vice presidency, Brian and then the word went out. The president was going to change his speech hes, going to lead with the New York Post Trey its changed again: five, a dot m eastern time this morning, another chapter because we get more e mails, with a link to with the link to his dealings in China, direct e mails and a reference to big guy. Many people think its the vice president.
You are the author, Trey Gowdy of a book doesnt hurt to ask, and what did I ask you in the break? What are the questions you have after reading these two days of stories? Well, there are two categories: theres relevance and then the reaction first relevance. Joe Biden said he never discussed foreign business with his son nevers a big word. It covers a long period of time. Never is big, so if he did discuss it with husband son, then his credibility is legitimate, questioned and should be questioned. Even if he didnt discuss business lets assume he told the truth and he never discussed business with his son. His son is out there trafficking in his fathers name and reason talkings making lots of money wouldnt. You want to know that so the relevance theres also the issue of the authenticity of the underlying information were assuming the information is authentic. The FBI could answer that before the end of this segment, if they
wanted to Brian, they have the laptop theyve got the laptop RON. Johnson has the information, but I dont think Senator Johnson is equipped to determine the authenticity of the underlying information. The FBI, which works for the executive branch which the president heads could tell us before the ten of this segment. Whether or not those e mails are authentic and reliable or not Steve, and you know the other thing congressman is if the FBIS got the laptop and supposedly somebody who identified themself as Hunter Biden drops it off at the shop in Delaware. The FBI im sure has figured out whose fingerprints are on the outside youre, suggesting that the FBI at the direction of the president could release that. Well, they could certainly tell us whether or not theres any reason to suspect this is russian disinformation, which is always the lefts argument. If the e mails are authentic, then there is potential criminality under lobby registration acts,
but I mean the FBIS not supposed to get involved in politics thats hard for us to believe after two thousand and sixteen but theyre really not supposed to. If the information is reliable, then the media provides the noncriminal oversight in our culture and ive seen no stories. There have been more stories about whether Kamala Harris saw the fly on MIKE Pences head than whether or not Hunter Biden was trafficking in his fathers name and influence Ainsley. So this is the front cover of this morning. I dont know if you can see it, but if you open it up, theres a story about Kayleigh Mcenany, she has a personal twitter account. She posted that story from yesterday about Ukraine and Hunter and Joe Biden and her account was blocked and they wrote on there. We have determined that this account violated the twitter rules and then gives a definition of the rules. Jack, Dorsey, Twitter, defended it earlier on in the day saying blocking any links saying they
were blocking lunges or images to the story: Jack Door SU. The ceo said our reaction on the New York Post article was not great blocking the url with zero context as to why were blocking unacceptable. He says so. When you watch the other networks, they didnt even cover the story. Big surprise, Ainsley, Twitter blocked it, Facebook blocked it. The informations not out there unless youre watching us yeah. Well, the Senate Republicans should bring Jack Dorseys lets go with behind before the Senate and ask him what is your policy and how did it apply to this story? Theres tons of stuff I see on Twitter and Facebook that has zero reliability and authenticity. This is a story from a major newspaper and youre blocking access to it. That means youre an editor that means youre like Mother Jones youre, not a real platform youre just another liberal editor. The Senate Republicans need to ask Jack Dorsey. What is your policy? So we can decide whether
or not were going to start regulating this Brian Trey Gowdy thanks. So much thank yall. Brian were definitely going to stay on top of this and, of course, check out treys book. It is fantastic. It is called doesnt hurt to.
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