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Trump 2020 campaign manager on unrest: Not time to ‘inject politics’ into situation Trump helped solve

2020-09-03 | 🔗
Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien contrasts Trump and Biden’s law enforcement agenda on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Emily welcome back to Fox AMP, Emily welcome back to Fox AMP friends, the latest Fox NEWS poll finding Joe Biden ahead in key swing- States Steve the former vice president, leading by nine points, among likely voters likely voters in Arizona four points in North Carolina and eight points in Wisconsin, Brian Brian, but it shows a consistent gain, especially in a place like Pennsylvania. According to the Monmouth Poll, he was trailing 53 40 now its 49 45 bill Stepien. How different are these polls from what you look like very different, and I love Fox. I love Fox NEWS. I love you guys. I dont love your polls. I look at Steve wont, do dont you like about it. Twenty eight percent of those who voted in two thousand and sixteen were Democrats. Arizona poll that you are citing includes forty eight percent democrats. The methodology is alittle askew. Look here is the fact if Joe Biden is actually winning by nine
points in Arizona he wouldnt be visiting Arizona later next week week, Steve Emily Emily all right, we have an ad. We would like to show a bit for you its airing in Wisconsin, its called lawless, listen, Cory. Booker Joe Biden takes a knee Biden and the radicals left weak response has led to chaos and violence. Your thoughts on that Trump campaign ad look its scary times in Democrat, controlled states and cities. You know Vice President Biden, own Party, Ayanna, Pressley, encouraging unrest in cities, Democrat mayors, refusing federal support and help that the president has offered with Joe Biden visiting Kenosha today. You know the president was there earlier in the week as president of the United States.
Vice President Biden is there today as a candidate as a political candidate. This is not the time to inject politics into a situation that the president helped solve. I think the ad very clearly points out the contrast between the President wants leadership and the people in Vice President Bidens Party, who are encouraging violence on the streets. You dont see many supporters of the president throwing bricks through windows or setting buildings on fire Steve. You know bill its become very clear that the two campaigns have different things they would like to talk about. You would like to talk about law and order and spiraling into chaos. He would like to talk about the federal response to coronavirus and in fact how the administration has you know, did a terrible job and all the things like that.
So essentially, when you look at the polls, people do rank coronavirus as a more important and pressing topic facing them than law and order at this point until they feel like it could actually come to their neighborhood. You are exactly right. I mean when you, I think, most Americans, when they looked at violence in Portland when they looked at violence in Chicago that was, that seemed quite far removed from their own backyards. When they saw violence in Kenosha Wisconsin, it was a different story. I think it showed that violence can happen anywhere if Democrat leadership is left untethered. So you know, Democrats may want to talk about coronavirus, but the fact of the matter is you know. Violence is out of hand in these Democrat Governed cities and states. You know we are forced to talk about it because you know its an issue on the top of voters, minds
Steve sure bill to the points about the Democrats would like to talk about the failed response. They say by the federal government, but then, when you hear Joe Biden talk about what he would have done differently, essentially he is saying things that the administration has already done and in the beginning, certainly there was a learning curve, but yesterday the very hostile Peter Doocy thats, how he was accused by Joe Biden, asked him. The simple question, Mr Vice President, if you were telling the administration back in January that the coronavirus out the pandemic was going to be really bad, why did you keep having in person rallies big rallies, exposing lots of people to the virus right up through March, and he didnt really answer that that he didnt listener? Joe Biden doesnt like to answer a lot of questions. I think you see the peril when his staff puts him out there to try to do so. You see a lot of revisionist
history from Mr Biden he stalked about not you know, going back onto the campaign trail, you know keeping his supporters and all Americans safe because of his perceived concerns about coronavirus and then the polls tightened, and then he announced a trip know ten days. You know down the road to States like Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota all four places the president visited himself two weeks ago, so its very convenient for the vice president and his revisionist history. We know, pure politics, are really whats at play here. Brian some stats show that forty five percent of Biden voters are very comfortable mailing in votes mail. It in sixty six percent of Trump voters are going to show up in person which led this Bloomberg funded group. To conclude that Trump may win on election day, but Joe Biden as the ballots come in and some allow ballots to arrive after election day and too many battle. Ground states things could switch here is Josh Medalson. We are sounding the alarm and
saying this is a very real possibility that the data is going to show on election night. An incredible victory for Donald Trump. That is likely to be what we see when every legitimate vote is taled and we get to that final day, which will be Sunday after election day. It will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that a mirage it looked like Donald Trump was in the lead. He fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted Brian. How likely is that scenario? How often do you think about that guys? This is why the president is so right to talk about his concerns regarding Democrat States, governors and legislatures ramming through last minute changes mere weeks and days before voting starts and election Deo cures. I think that democratic operative made a big mistake in talking about what a lot of Democrats think. Are you telling me that if Democrats in Nevada show a
super super close election, remember the election in New Hampshire came down to one thousand seven hundred votes? Are you telling me that Democrat operatives in Nevada wont be able to find one thousand seven hundred and one ballots on the strip among casino workers in the three days after election day? It is scary, scary, stuff. The president is right, Brian, the attorney general brought it up yesterday and not as an election issue, but as a sanctity issue. Are we going to believe the vote here? We are in the first week of September. If you know this is a scenario and for the country to not know a winner because of maybe five six, seven, eight states. What do you now well, the attorney general is exactly right. I will would also say its a threat to national security, its a threat to continuance of governance for our country, not to know who our president is not for days, but weeks, potentially months, its a real concern. I know our campaign is very aggressive on the legal fronts challenging these sham bills
that are being passed by Democrat governors and legislatures. We are very aggressive on this front because our democracy and national security is at stake. Steve. You know I get the argument, but at the same time bill its because these different states have different rules where sure we will count your vote three days later after election day a week, if its coming in from overseas, every state has got its a patchwork of crazy laws. Not everybody has to report by midnight on election night. It is its one of the you know, beauty in my eyes, flaws of our american democracy. You know each state has different rules, different laws, different methods, different ways to count. You know. New Hampshire starts their voting at midnight on election day up in dixville notch. Every state is different and quangt in some ways dangerous in others, Brian read, Karl roves Wall Street Journal column spells out the real challenges. If we have this much time before
the election day, can we avoid this crisis ahead of time? Well, look the absentee ballots start being sent N North Carolina September. Fourth, just later this week, so ballots are being sent as we speak. This is the system in which we are operating. We are fighting any of these last minute. Changes democrat governors and legislatures are trying to ram through, like we saw in Nevada. This is more than just about the this president or this elections. This is about the future of our country, Emily Bill, Stepien, Trump, two thousand and twenty campaign manager. Thank you so.
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