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Trump and Biden debate law and order in America

2020-09-30 | 🔗
Fox News Contributors David Webb and Rachel Campos-Duffy weigh in on ‘Fox & Friends’
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We believe in law and order, we believe in law and order, but you dont the top ten cities and just about the top. Forty cities are run by Democrats. In many cases, radical left they have got you wrapped around their finger, Joe to a point where you dont want to say anything about law and order. I will tell you what the people of this country want and demand law and order, and you are afraid to even say it Brian. It did take him months to do it, but he eventually did say it im talking about condemning the rioters because were no longer protesters taking center stage as agenda joining us live is Rachel Campus Duffy and David Webb. Rachel. First to this is one o debate. Brian. There were a lot of points missed in the cross. Talk that the president did underline, but it also goes to Chris Wallaces Question Biden, who said I am the Democratic Party, then doesnt want the responsibility or
accept the responsibility in the question of calling the governor and the mayor out there in Washington, state or in Portland or in any other left wing governor, that doesnt support law and order by their own actions by letting the riots in Portland continue the occupation in Seattle, or even you look at the riots in Kenosha Wisconsin or the attempts to do the same in Lancaster Pennsylvania, so he cant have it both ways. I think this is one punch in a whole lot of to be honest, flurry of punches that got the audience confused at times that Trump really landed well, Brian Rachel. If you look at what the President, when he breaks down the numbers in which he has to improve the most, it is suburban women, you fit that category, whether a did they hear last night that feel better or worse. If you are the President well overall, if you you know, Trump can be very charming and I dont think he brought that to the table. He can be funny too. He didnt bring that to the debate either.
I think that would have helped him with suburban moms. He can come off kind of hard and very combative its understandable. Why he does that at times. I think he could have brought that funny charging side as well. That would have helped him. I do think on the topic of law and order. You know, Biden, never said and never denounced, Antifa or Blm, and I know that Chris Wallace talked about Trump denouncing white supremacists, but all summer long I didnt see white supremacists, you know burning down businesses and causing the violence and the destruction that has so upset. So many Americans destroyed so many lives, and so again this shows exactly what David is saying. He is beholden to the left. He just cannot say: Blm and Antifa burn down cities, and that is bad, and that is weird to a lot of Americans. They are like why cant you denounce whats so obviously wrong.
Brian David is writing today. Do you condemn white supremacist? Yes, proud boys, yes stand down, but stand by. Why do you think the president didnt just say? Of course I condemn white supremacists, because you know him. He has no interest in white supremacists. No, he doesnt. I dont, know why the answer was given that way. I think he should have just left it at. I have always condemned it, which he did. Joe Biden lied when he said the president did not when it came to Charlottesville and he launched his campaign for the presidency of the United States, but we also have to see something about Joe Biden, that is true, hes, a creature of Washington, D, DOT C Joe Biden and the creature that he is and other creatures in Washington, D, dot c, say whats in front of them to the audience in front of them. At the moment, Joe Biden was the most progressive in the race, but now hes the Democrat Party. He plays to Antifa and Blm and the left wing base by not
denouncing them, but he wants to claim responsibility for what creatures do? What creatures do? The difference is Donald Trump, yes, im with Rachel last night. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the Funny Donald Trump. He can be humorous. He can be charming. I think that would have helped, but Joe Biden cant, stop being the creature, and I hope Americans saw that as well. Brian Rachel. We are out of time real quick. I want you to weigh in on the fact that Chris Wallace said hey its not just democratic cities have a problem fort Worth and Tulsa. I thought to myself: there is a huge difference between ceilings and Portland and Fort Worth and Tulsa your thoughts. Yeah. Listen again. I want to go back to Antifa. He said Antifa is an idea and Donald Trump said yeah until a bat hits you over the head. Antifa is not an idea. Antifa is an organization, so is Blm. They are funded by corporations and left wingers. His own staffers bidens staffers and Kamala herself helped to bail out many of these people who
caused the violence and even some of the killings, again law and order. Donald Trump wins on that issue and for a lot of people thats. Now the number two issue for them: Brian, very interesting- that would have been a great come back for the president to say: yeah. You are for law and order, but your own staffers are bailing out the rioters from prison and Kamala Harris. He missed a lot of opportunities. Brian Brian thats, a big one. He is going to have some other appearances. Antifa is more than ideology. They have ear pieces, they deliver bats and bricks, and weapons to events.
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