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Trump, Biden battle for key swing states

2020-09-27 | 🔗
Minnesota voters weigh in on the race for the White House; Pete Hegseth reports from Bemidji, Minnesota.
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Ainsley with just forty days to go Ainsley with just forty days to go until the election battles in swing states heating up. What do the voters think Brian PETE Hegseth is talking to them, live breakfast with friends. It is about Abattle ground Brian. We are in Bemidji, real quick, you can stay, but can you spell it Brian? Yes, its on the screen, Bemidji PETE its on the screen, Brian. I should have told you not to look at the screen. Brian. I would have looked any way. We are here in bottom Midgey, Bemidji, countryside, restaurant. The president was here last week we were going to be here because of the hurricanes we couldnt of the hurricanes we couldnt make it up here. Minnesota is a battle ground state.
President Trump is the first president to come to Bemidgey. If you know of Paul Bunion and the objection you know you were at the rally. Tell me about that briefly, and also what do you? The debate is coming up. What do you anticipate is going to happen? I think Trump will make mince meat out of Biden unless somebody is whispering in his ear. He doesnt know what he is doing im eighty six years old set best president since Reagan, and the last good democratic President was Harry. 2R50U0U678 h had to make that terrible decision to drop the bomb on Japan. Is he a good president trump? I pray to God, literally that he is reelected. The only thing that scares me is what the Democrats are going to do if they dont win and what they are going to do. If they do win.
Neither way is good. Trump will keep this country moving in the direction it should be moving and thank God for Trump PETE Well said Jim. Thank you very much Christie. You were also at the rally. Yes, PETE, you can talk about the debate, but also there is a big Supreme court coming up whats your pick well, its president trumps constitutional obligation to provide a nominee and its the senates constitutional obligation to advise and confirm that nominee, and so they are just doing their job and if the tables were turned and the Democrats were in charge, they would do exactly the same thing for the same reason so thats why its crucial to fill that seat right now, PETE absolutely well said its Charles right. Yes, PETE on that Supreme Court Pick, you have some thoughts where this should go. Yes, I think its very important that we get a confirmation before the elections, because this could very well be a contested election like back in two thousand,
and we have to have a nine person court. We could very well have a tie. The way that things sit now so Trump is going to make a pick, and I think that his top contender, Amy Coney Barrett.
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