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Trump: Biden has experience, should debate well

2020-09-22 | 🔗
Robert Wolf, former economic adviser to Obama, on contrasting Trump vs. Biden campaign strategies.
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President Trump, we have a president trump. We have a debate coming up and who knows you know, look applause. President Trump, do you know what hes been doing it for forty seven years? Ive been doing it for three and a half years, so he should be able to beat me. I would think hes much more experienced Steve. You got President Trump yesterday in Ohio, the President and Joe Biden set to faceoff before America next week at the first presidential debate, hosted by our own Chris Wallace, so here to discuss Fox news, contributor and former Obama Economic Advisor Robert Wolf Good Morning to you, hi Steve. How are you Steve im doing? Okay, so there we heard the president actually raising expectations about Joe Biden, reminding people look. He was a: u DOT S senator for decades, hes good at debating hes going to do okay. What do you make of the tenor of the President now because weve heard other things in the past going into the debate? You know, I think the rhetoric beforehand doesnt mean a lot. Obviously, I believe that the president has set the bar incredibly low, for Vice
President Biden, but I think whats going to happen is whats important that night and were fortunate to have Chris Wallace as the moderator, but its three things about Vice President Biden and President Trump one. What would you have done differently if you were in office? Two? I think the vice president is going to have to counter any false claims that the president may make about the Obama Biden, administration and three. The vice president is going to have to really show what his statements and vision are for: health care, the recovery, climate change and theres huge differences and believe me with someone Chris Wallace well make sure we hear those differences. Steve given whats happened in the last seventy two hours, im pretty sure they will have a vibrant debate over the Supreme Court, Yup Steve. If I was Vice President Biden, I would say a few things:
election has consequences. Just like the house has impeachment. The Senate has Supreme Court Justices recall after the Kavanaugh hear, ings and Kavanaugh got confirmed. Democrats won the blue wave and flipped forty one house seats, so im going to quote President Obama dont boo theres, nothing right now. The Democrats can do about this nomination confirmation. All we can win is at the ballot box. So if auto, it was Joe Biden id be making sure that everyone knows my vision and get out to vote, because if people dont vote, then we cant keep complaining if we lose on the Senate or the presidency Steve. But here is the problem Robert. You just said that if you were Joe Biden, youd want everybody to know your vision and yet weve heard the Democrats talking about how they are going to blow up the filibuster and how theyd like to pack the court. So yesterday in Milwaukee he was asked by a local NBC affiliate reporter. You know, would you pack the court and he said im not
going to answer that and then he asked he was asked so who be on your list, because the president has been very forthcoming and Joe Biden says: im not going to tell you that either. So, obviously his strategists are of the opinion. Less is more, I dont agree with that Steve. I dont think he took the bait. He doesnt have to answer what he would do on a filibuster Steve. Why not because he doesnt have to answer that because thats not what the people care about right now Steve. It seems like its. The only thing the Democrats are talking about Robert Steve. They care about jobs, okay, twenty percent of those jobs, twelve million people are still unemployed, twenty million people are under employed. We have a pandemic going on people, dont care about a filibuster thats, not at the top of anyones mind. Whats top of mind is whats, going on in California, wildfire whats, going on in healthcare the affordable CARE act. I agree with Joe Biden. I dont think we should deter f what
people are going to vote on im. Sorry, I just disagree Steve. Well, you brought up the city because the economy is doing great until the pandemic. I dont know if you saw Axios yesterday, but their big story yesterday was the wall. Street recession is over and they talked about how the third quarter growth- the third quarter of this year, will grow more sharply than any quarter in american history. No doubt we went way down with the pandemic, but we popped way back up, so Trump will be able to say, look were still digging ourselves out of a hole, but things are looking better than they were six months ago. Steve. Let me be clear: I want a great economy. I hope we have a great GDP number. I hope unemployment goes way down. We want everybody in America working and the economy grows. That being said, when theyre talking about third quarter GDP numbers, its still negative GDP for the year, remember its quarter on quarter so its based on that growth. So as they go up, thirty percent were still
down ten percent for the year. So I just want to be clear that we still have twelve million people that are newly unemployed since the pandemic and our GDP is not growing. Okay, the way that we expect it to grow when we did the Trump tax reform, remember used to say, were going to be zero percent gdp in twenty eighteen and two thousand and nineteen. We were two point: five percent, so we should be clear, were not having a super v shaped recovery, thats, just not accurate Steve. You need to go to Axios com and read this article because Robert it said the pandemic has not crimped economic growth and theres. Another story out that: U Dot S household net worth is at the highest level ever were. Actually let me look here, three hundred and eighty dollars billion above where we were at the end of twenty nineteen Steve. Eighty, seven percent of all stocks are owned by
the top ten percent of this country. Okay, this is so skewed to the wealthy. Are you kidding me come on? You can not tell me that the middle class feels wealthier today, since the pandemic thats just not accurate. The facts are not telling that were skewed to the top earners here, thats. Why trickle down has not worked and its not trickled down? I know were debating this with Steve Moore, but thats, just not accurate, where the facts are Steve. Well, lets see what the two candidates talk about a week from today.
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