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Trump campaign cites economy for boosting Trump's poll numbers

2020-09-07 | 🔗
Candidates spend Labor Day in key swing states; Trump 2020 campaign senior strategy adviser Steve Cortes weighs in on the race.
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Griff welcome back after months, Griff welcome back after months of virtual events from home presidential hopeful, Joe Biden is trading in his web cam for the campaign trail today. Hell visit his home state in key battleground state of Pennsylvania. This as Runningmate Kamala Harris heads to Wisconsin for her first traditional stop vice President MIKE Pence, also on the trail visiting supporters in the badger state today. So with less than sixty days to go. What message should swing state voters joining us to hear joining us now, Steve Cortez, Steve, happy Labor Day to you good morning. Griff candidates are hitting the trail pence headed to the West side of Wisconsin. What are we going to hear? First of all, its fascinating Joe Biden has decided to come above ground to get out of his basement and start traveling, and the first question is what changed he couldnt travel because of the science, but nothing has
changed because of the science, but perhaps the political science has changed and by that this race is tightening dramatically and thats, not just my opinion. If we look at the real, clear politics, average of battleground states, Bidens lead has been cut in half Griff hold on. Let us show that, since you mentioned that here is the average you see there in Pennsylvania, just forty nine to forty four point: eight, if you go to Wisconsin where the candidates are traveling, youve got forty eight point eight and then forty four point four youre very right. It is tightening, and I want to let you finish. I didnt want to cut you off, but I wanted the tote vernacular englishes to see it. Is it your view that the Biden Harris campaign is feeling pressure because of this tightening one hundred percent? Yes, they realize look. They are wrong on policy, but theyre not dumb in their campaigns, and they realize that this race is tightening and they realize they cant just run a stall tactic and effectively try to win by stumbling into the finish line, so they need to get out and campaign. I think also here is whats important.
Why is the race tightening? Why is the momentum for our side for the and our campaign, its because of the economy Griff this economy, this great american economic Renaissance gains incredible steam across this country and again its not my opinion. The statistics show this. The economic numbers lately have been simply off the charts on this labor day. We can rightly celebrate that we just got a blockbuster jobs number and it wasnt just the top line, which was fantastic. It was also the details of how good these new jobs are. Four point: seven percent wage growth year over year, the american economic engine re ignites. The american people know that Donald Trump is the jobs president and again, citing polling NBC Wall Street Journal Poll shows he has a 10 point advantage over Biden when it comes to the economy, so the economy is coming our way, and I think the Democrats know and feel that pressure Griff. Let me challenge you from their viewpoint, Biden and Harris say that the economic recovery, while we have a recovering unemployment rate
right now, was made worse by the administrations response early on, particularly to Covid 19, and that had they been in power, they would have done a better job. Your response, as is often the case, the opposite of whatever they say is true, is actually true in this case the fact that Donald Trump took very early, very aggressive action action that was roundly dismissed, including by Joe Biden, who called it Xeno phobic for him to block flights from China that action clearly saved lives. That is the opinion of Dr Fauci, who those on the left continually love to quote, but they conveniently ignore that analysis. But here is the point from here forward. We cant go backward and control what China did they infected the globe and crashed the global economy, but what we can do is control what we do now going forward. This great economic renaissance has commenced in our country with gusto. What Joe Biden would do is put a four dollars: trillion tax hike, the largest in american history. Upon that recovery it would crush the renaissance.
Unfortunately, and by the way it would affect eighty two percent of all taxpayer s so were not going backwards to Joe Bidens Global ism and statism were going to continue with this great american renewal, Griff Steve with just a few seconds left. Let me ask you: would EL have both President Trump and former Vice President Biden in Shanksville Pennsylvania on Friday, nine slash eleven? What is the president going to say there? Well look, of course the president is going to pay tribute to the great patriotism to this country of the revolve, particularly of Shanksville, of regular Americans who deadly became warriors for our country, and that will be the patriotic message and by the way, to connect this to politics. Look its not just about the economy thats. I think issue number one but issue number two is culture were in a battle right now for the american way of life, for example, you mentioned football. Football is under attack in this country, even though we know young people are overwhelmingly not vulnerable. So I think what the president will also say is. He will make the case for the american way of life and, unfortunately, culturally,
that is by the furthest, left elements of the most radical elements of politics who have been en bold ened by Joe Biden, Griff, Steve Cortez. Thank you.
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