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Trump: Coronavirus vaccine will be ready ‘long before the end of the year’

2020-09-21 | 🔗
President Trump says the U.S. is rounding a corner on the coronavirus pandemic and discusses the companies working to develop a vaccine.
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Days and everybody knows that, Mr President, I know youre going to get on air force, one youre flying out to Ohio today, youre going to address the fought for the american worker ever since the pandemic started and the economy crateredded the Federal reserve. You know looking forward, they were a little pessimistic, but a couple of days ago the Federal Reserve actually was quite optimistic. In fact, they talked about how right now were in a situation where we have three million more jobs than they thought we would, at this stage of the game, thats right, Steve and six hundred dollars billion more economic activity over and above what they expected just three months ago. So while we are still suffering from the pandemic, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. So were rounding the corner with or White House a vaccine, they a hate it when I say it, but thats the way it is were rounding the corner on the pandemic and weve done a phenomenal job, not just a good job
other than public relations, but thats, because I have fake news, you cant convince them of anything theyre a fake, but we have done on public relations. I give myself a d on the job itself. We take an awith, the ventilators and now with the vaccines that are years ahead of schedule. If Biden who ran the swine flu, he was the swine flu, its the H1N1, which he reverses. He calls it the N1H1, because he doesnt have a good memory, but if Biden on the swine flu, if he ran this like he did, the swine flu from 2, 3 million people would have died. The swine flu that he ran was a disaster and the person who ran it, who I think youve had on your show, admitted that they didnt know what they were doing. Maybe he was honest. It was a total disaster, a much less lethal situation in terms of the flu itself.
That was the flu. This is a virus, but it was a much less lethal situation, but it was handled so badly. They lost thousands and thousands of people and they agreed that they handled it badly. Now hes telling us how to handle this, and we dont need his advice. We really dont want his advice, laughter wed like them, to be honest because its good for the country, you know be honest. For instance, everybody wanted a vaccine, they wanted it so badly once they realized im getting it very soon within a matter of week, once they said oh hes getting it, then they started hating the concept of having the vaccine thats so bad for our country, its doing really well Pfizer and other companies. Actually we have three that are really doing really well Steve. Mr President, you just said weeks: how close are we well? I would say that youll have it long before the end of the year, maybe maybe by the end of October Brian, what company, which one is closest
well pfizers doing really. Well, I tell you pfizers doing really well. Johnson AMP Johnson has an incredible vaccine. Thats doing well, thatll, probably be a little later Modernas doing very well.
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