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Trump, first lady test positive for coronavirus

2020-10-02 | 🔗
Reaction and analysis from Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel.
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Something soon, but nothing as of yet will will will Ainsley. Thank you so much Griff lets bring in Dr Marc Siegel Fox NEWS, medical contributor good Morning, Dr Siegel Good morning. Ainsley. What do we know, someone of his age, seventy three, seventy four years old he doesnt have any Como bid at this no diabetes, seventy four being confirmed, CO, morbidities, no diabetes, no heart disease, he doesnt smoke and he doesnt have lung disease and he doesnt have underlying kidney disease, which is key. Doesnt have high blood pressure. All of those bode well, the fact that he is over. Seventy means that everyone has to be very, very cautious about this and, of course, that he is overweight. I have to tell you look at the other end of the periscope. I have taken care of patients, elderly covid antibodies. Where did that come from they havent had symptoms. A vast majority of people still have no symptoms or have very, very small, minor symptoms,
im hoping that will be true with the president and first lady as well. It may very well end up being the case and the fact that hope Hicks had symptoms, though, makes me concerned that this is actually real, that these are real cases and another point I want to make that Griff Jenkins just pointed out. You know its not just one test: the chief of staff is testing negative but of course, hes going to be retested, and we have to continue to be village length on anyone thats around the President Brian the way I understand Dr Siegel, and there has been so many nuances and definitions of this virus. You could have it, but you could test negative for it because it takes about three days once you get it to test positive for it and after once you enter that im wondering about the test itself. When you go to the White House to interview the president, as did you, you get that rapid test. You know in fifteen minutes whether you are positive or not, or you go forward or go home. The president gets that every day im wondering he said to Shawn. I
got a test im waiting that cant be the 15 minute test its got to be: do you think he possibly had the 15 minute test? They said its eighty percent positive eighty percent accurate and then went for an additional test. I think that thats, probably true, he probably had the what we call. He probably had the what we call the pcr test, the nasal swab, given again that hope, Hix had symptoms that this result is real and also that the first lady tested positive again. The fact that he is asymptomatic is a really good sign. We have to watch that very very closely over the next several days. There is no question in my mind by the way Brian he can perform his duties. One hundred percent, no symptoms, thats, not even an issue on the table here, Steve, okay, what we do know about hope, Hicks and she tested positively, and the news was broken by Bloomberg. First, before the president and first lady typically- and there
is a picture- you know- stock picture from a while back typically, Dr Siegel, the symptoms appear after about five days, can be as early as two can be as late as fourteen as well. What people are going to start to do is they are going to try to do reverse contact tracing on her from what is known of her personal schedule, Et Cetera, as Ainsley said, she was traveling with the president a couple of days ago and went to some rallies and things like that. So is that how you figure out where it came from, or does it even matter Steve? What you just said means that the CDC is probably going to hire you, because you got that exactly right and listen. When this news first broke at 100, a dot m, everyone was saying whoa. Hope Hix was on air force, one with the president and first lady on Wednesday, and you know on AIR Force One. I want to point out all planes planes have hepa filt, which are excellent at filtering
out viruses. Ninety five percent of the time you are still on close quarters on a plane and still dont have ideal venting. Labor relation must be air force, one it probably wasnt, because it was too quick too close to when he tested positive Steve. We should also point out that, apparently, when she was traveling back with the President on AIR force, one, she was feel Ling, poorly Ainsley isolated, her quarantined her on the plane, thats good Ainsley will he will obviously stay in quarantine? Is he doing that? How long does he have to stay in quarantine? I have heard ten days and fourteen days first debate. He said he test. You had positive last night October, first, first debate October, I mean second debate down in Miami. The reason for confusion is because originally the CDC said fourteen days over time, they started to test that and change it, and the number became ten days ten days total. But what we like to see is two negative tests.
If the president continues to feel well somewhere around day, six or seven, he will get a test and then get another test, and then he will be able to go back. I think ten days is the magic number here in the cases of people returning to work. By the way, sometimes we will cut it as short as seven days from diagnosis, but of course we are going to be ultra careful here with the president, so I think it will be ten days Brian. You cant forget about the first lady testing positive Dr Siegel too. She is in such fine shape and younger. You focus more on president, especially because of the position. Let me ask you something: is he your patient? He tests positive so far. According to reports he doesnt have any symptoms. Do you treat him with remdesivir? Do you give him this steroid cocktail that people are talking about? Do you give him just recommend, zinc or vitamin d? How do you treat him if he comes into your office and tests positive, really excellent question? Brian first of all, I like the points you made about zinc and vitamin
D. I do think those are both good ideas. I think they are pretty much harmless. I would consider that remdesivir is working but thats, something we would give to somebody thats asymptomatic, even the president and the steroid, using later in the game when people are hospitalized thats not going to be given to him. The thing thats really interesting here: mono Chrome, mow, antibodies against the virus against the protein in the virus, Brian, whose antibodies, though your own thats plasma like yours or mine, that somebody that recovered im talking about synthetic made in the lab synthetic antibodies. Two studies out over the past week that showed they work very well, even in mildly Tom is mild or asymptomatic. Patients still thought there yet im looking down the road, I dont think he will get that either if he remains asymptomatic. Steve Brian was talking about
some of the therapeutics out there, famously the president revealed that in the spring, after one of the valets at the White House, who had been serving him, food et Cetera, tested positively and had not been wearing a mask. The president apparently went on the president apparently went on a course of Hydroxychloroquine. He said he had stopped taking that he had been taking it prophylactically in anticipation, he might be at risk looking at what he did at that point. Does that impact anything well? Listen, Steve, I think early in the pandemic. We all thought that that was a really good treatment. My father took that and recovered. My mother ended up with antibodies. They both ended up. Testing positive, as time has gone on. Research has not really backed that up still being used in many places around the world with zinc. I would have to tell you honestly, I dont think its ever been ruled out. We are in the middle of a
pandemic here. Things are going at lightning speed. Studies have not proven that, but I dont really believe that they have disproven it either. The reason the president was using it early on is because a lot of people were thinking. This is something that really might work. It hasnt been ruled out.
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