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Trump ‘is absolutely right’ to call for $2,000 coronavirus stimulus checks: Rep. Buck

2020-12-26 | 🔗
Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., argues increasing the stimulus check amount from $600 to $2,000 is ‘the right move.’
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Back to you will David thank you so much with the clock ticking down, as you mentioned, for a relief bill to be passed by Congress lets check in with a member of Congress, its KEN Buck of Colorado, hes. Also, a member of the House Judiciary Committee and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, congressman thanks. So much for being with us. You heard there from David Spunt that Nancy Pelosi is putting it to a vote, increasing the checks from six hundred dollars to two thousand dollars. How will you vote on that potential bill? I absolutely am in favor of giving the american people two thousand dollars and its the right move and the president is absolutely right, but thats only part of what the president is suggesting. Nancy Pelosi gave the members of the house just a few hours to read six thousand pages of legislation. She did that because she had stuffed this bill full of pork. We are funding a covid relief bill. We are funding two new museums to womens history. We are funding social engineering programs in Pakistan. We are funding a panel to
examine a succession of the Dalai Lama, all sorts of pork projects in this bill. What the president is saying is: make America first bring America make America the priority, so stop funding foreign projects in a covid relief bill, knock that out and take that money and use it to fund and give the american people a two thousand dollars check if Nancy Pelosi does that, I think Shell get overwhelming republican support and shell certainly have my support, but just to add a two thousand dollars payment instead of a six hundred dollars. Payment to the pork thats in the bill is just unacceptable Rachel, but is she going to do that representative buck? Is she going to take the pork out of there and all of the programs that she loves? I guess im curious. Is that what the bill is going to look like? Well, once again, she gave us six thousand pages in a few hours to read it im sure we wont have a chance to read this bill before we vote on it and the Democrats will vote for it. The Republicans want to see the bill if she strips the pork if she
stops giving her pet projects in the United States and overseas this money, she will get republican support, but it takes more than just an hour of debate to understand the bill like this and to fully examine it. So I would hope that she would start sending this bill out and letting people know that all these terrible projects are being stripped from the bill and that the american people are going to benefit. This is just a play that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are making to try to win votes in Georgia. Lets just be. You know upfront about that and its a very cynical play, because it deals with something thats very important to the american people PETE. We know thats what they do. They did the same thing before election day congressman is there a way to separate the two bills, the nine hundred dollars billion for Covid relief from the one dollar and thirty nine cents trillion omnibus bill? Which much of this is contained in and the urgency created for Covid gives an opportunity for all the pork. As youre talking about, is there a way to just do Covid, as Republicans have talked about for months and even higher numbers than six hundred dollars, and then
debate the rest of that stuff later or at least get a chance to cut it out its a great point, because Nancy Pelosi actually had brought other kinds of pork to stop this bill from being passed before the election. She wanted to help fund the fail ing pension systems in California and New York, New Jersey and other blue states. She wanted to make sure that the president didnt get a win before the election by sending out a check to the american people, so she has stalled for months to make sure this bill didnt pass and now on the eve of this bill, passing she is going to refuse to take out the pork thats necessary to fund an additional payment that the president was asking for for the american people. Will congressman just a point of clarification. I want to move on to ask you about the coronavirus vaccine, but just as a point of clarification, it sounds like when youre answering Rachel and Petes questions. Your support for the two thousand dollars increase is tied to reducing the pork in the
government spending bill. If thats not accomplished. If Nancy Pelosi wont take that out im reading between the lines, then you will not vote for an increase in the covid relief checks. I will not vote for an increase in the covid relief checks that places a huge burden on our grandchildren to payback the national debt, the thirty dollars trillion of national debt that we have already accumulated. Absolutely not will all right. Thank you for clarifying where youll vote on those bills, possibly looked like they are coming in the next couple days to Congress. Lets ask you about this really quickly. We know several members of Congress like Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez, have already gotten their covid vaccines. Id love to ask where you stand on that. First lets take a look at members of Congress where theyve been on getting the vaccine. The covid vaccine became available to members of Congress. Last night and we are urged to take it thats it will there, you have it. She took the vaccine. Members of Congress were put
toward the front of the line. Where are you congressman? Will you be getting the vaccine? Have you already? I have not gotten the vaccine and I will not jump the line. There are healthcare workers in America who need this vaccine desperately. There are seniors and those with pre existing conditions that need this vaccine. I am a healthy young 61 year old man. I am not going to take this vaccine until those who are at risk take the vaccine, and then I will evaluate whether ill take the vaccine or not at that point, but I think its a big mistake for 30 somethings that are members of Congress to assert their eliteist position and take this vaccine rather than giving those who are desperately in need of the vaccine. The vaccine is very similar to the discussion we just had about the pork taking the pork out of the bill so that Americans can get that two thousand dollars relief Rachel right well congressman. We know that there are a lot of elderly people who are suffering and dying of loneliness in
nursing homes and really should receive that vaccine before healthy Americans so and young Americans. So thank you for joining us and merry.
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