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Trump legal team planning to file election lawsuit in Georgia

2020-11-21 | 🔗
Trump attorney Jenna Ellis details the team’s post-election legal strategy on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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State law now requires the state law now requires the governors office to formalize the certification, which paves the way for the Trump campaign to pursue other legal options in a separate recount. If they chose dot, choose will leaving the door open for the Trump campaign comes after two lawmakers met with President Trump saying they havent seen any evidence that would change the elections outcome. What is the presidents legal strategy going forward here now with an update one of presidents attorneys Jenna Ellis good morning? Thank you, some for being with us lets start. If we can with Georgia. The vote has been certified in Georgia on Monday. I believe its Michigan and Pennsylvania that will move to certify their vote. Tell me what it does to your legal challenges. What kind of timeline does that put you on? Certainly, we are under constitutional deadlines and we plan and intend to file a
lawsuit in Georgia, because Georgia, specifically, is a only fourteen thousand votes. It may sound like a lot to put it in perspective when President Bush was challenging the results in Florida back in two thousand, that was over sixty one thousand votes. So over four times as many and we have indications from Atlanta specifically that there was double voting, nonresident voting and other voter intimidation, which is against the law and also the election officials there. When we are talking about fraud, will we have to be clear that this is about election integrity? When the states officials are changing the rules, they are going against Georgia State LAW and they are counting these ballots that are actually illegal. They are not allowing Republicans to observe the process and really critically the rate of rejection of ballots in twenty. Twenty in Georgia is only zero point, two percent. By contrast in two thousand and sixteen, it was
five point: seventy seven percent. So when we are talking about only fourteen thousand ballots, we have to make sure this is done legally its done accurately and that every legal vote counts. So we do plan on filing a lawsuit there and we are looking into the recount process because, as President Trump continues to say, if you just continue to count again the same illegal ballots, you are going to get the same results. We want to make sure this is done fairly and accurately will Jen. I love the follow up as well and when and where it comes to so allegations your colleagues made in your press conference last week, I heard you say in that press conference. What we are watching is essentially an opening argument. Sidney Powell told Glenn Beck last week that evidence of fraud, widespread fraud that could sway the election would be coming forward. I would like to ask you: when do you expect lawsuits to be filed, and do you expect the public to see some of the evidence that you are suggesting you have to back up these claims absolutely, and we have been very clear. We are not trying this in the court of public opinion. We will be trying this in a court of law,
but Americans have the right to see all of the evidence and to see all of what we are doing thats, why we have continued to have not only the press conferences, but all of these follow up interviews to say that this is all about making sure that we are fully transparent and every legal vote should count. So we have evidence in three states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, where the law was not followed. I just explained also in Georgia. We have a recount thats going on in Wisconsin and we are also looking into Arizona, and so when we talk about widespread systematic fraud, its about these election officials that have completely disregarded the rules, and that is against the law, its a violation of the constitution. Only those state legislatures can set the law for how the elections are. I couldnt know in their state whether you have election officials that are completely disregarding that and we have sworn affidavits of people who have seen not only voter intimidation, but these election officials telling them to count ballots in a different way. That is against the law
and when you also have ballots being count in secret, every American should want to know that our elections are not being manipulated. Thats the point of this election integrity process- and we do intend to challenge that and we believe that this elections was stolen. We can prove that and we have enough evidence in each of these states that when every legal vote is counted, President Trump clearly won by a land slide. Will you think you have that already Jenna thats available, and you will present it in Court- is what you are saying. We do thats why we have been filing lawsuits to stop the certification process, not rush to judgment. The Democrats want to rush to Coronate Joe Biden. They dont want to have a free and fair process. We want to make sure that the next president is the one that the people have elected freely and fairly, and I will add, will that our constitution requires that and put in intentional safeguards so that if and when there is corruption which we have had our nations history, then there are safeguards and thats why we want to make sure that its the constitutional process, the
legal process is followed and every American should get on board with election integrity, because we are America, the United States must have free and fair elections thats. What President Trump is fighting for. Will we will be watching excited to hear about it, interested in hearing the.
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