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Trump loves to show Americans he's 'a fighter': Bossie

2020-10-05 | 🔗
The president surprises supporters outside of Walter Reed Medical Center; reaction from Trump 2020 senior campaign adviser David Bossie and registered nurse Lydia Hall.
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Cheers and applause cheers and applause. Brian. Imagine that you look over in the car and theres the president of the United States, President Trump greeting crowds of supporters outside of Walter Reed Medical Center, offering prayers and well wishes in the wake of Covid. 19 diagnosis, as you know, happened on Thursday, including our next guest and says its time for all Americans to come around the president, as he undergoes treatment trump campaign senior adviser, David Bossie, Lydia Hall, part of the crowd from Virginia first of off David. Did you know the president was coming by I I know you were there the night before? What were you thinking then? I didnt know I saw that the streets were locked down and I thought maybe the vice president is coming. There was no heads up the president did this on his own.
He loves people and loves to be with his supporters and show America that hes a fighter hes strong and you can see from him being in the car. He is recovering. He looked great high energy, as he always is, im excited for his recovery, because hes going to beat Joe Biden and coronavirus all at the same time, Brian right, he must have recognized you whats David Bossie, doing out there. You missed the presidents drive around, but it was important for you to be there describe what the scene is like across from Walter Reed. It was amazing there was so much emergency, so many people came out to support him from all walks of life, just beautiful Brian. What about when you heard that the president came by? What are your thoughts? I wanted to get down there? The streets were closed. We were trying to get by and we had to walk quite a distance to get there, but just amazing. I love this president hes done so much for the latino Community, Brian David. You said that you got there and you wanted to
thank the one hundred or so people, then what happened? Well, people just kept coming and coming, and I will tell you we both Lydia and I both live in Montgomery County. I just met Lydia at the rally last night, but we both were there and remarking to each other weve seen seen anything like this people driving up and down the streets. Honking their horns, waving american flags waving trump flags. The energy was just palpable. It was truly the president couldnt go to a rally, so the rally came to him. Ive been to hundreds of these rallies with the president, and it was exactly like that and it was great to see because with all the negativity having all of this love, this outpouring of love and support for this president. It was just a refreshing thing to see, and I know that it affected him because he wanted to come outside and thats what he did. He shocked the world by doing that, Brian, are you going back absolutely
Brian youll? Be there today the president could get out as early as today we will see David Bossie bust.
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