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Trump meets with attorneys general over Texas election lawsuit

2020-12-11 | 🔗
South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and Indiana Attorney General-elect Todd Rokita join ‘Fox & Friends’ to explain why they support Texas’ case.
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And free premium delivery. When you add a base ends Monday Ainsley President Trump met Ainsley. President Trump met with attorneys general at the White House. Yet yesterday, as he eighteen states throw their support behind a Texas lawsuit challenging the election results claiming fraud, the Supreme Court suit argues that sixty two electoral college votes from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, should be invalidated because the states made unconstitutional changes to their laws before the two thousand and twenty election. Our next guest attended that meeting with the President, Indiana Attorney General Elect Todd, Rokita and South Carolina attorney General Allen, Wilson, and they both join us now good morning, men, gentlemen, good morning, good morning, Ainsley Alan we go way back. Your dad is a congressman in South Carolina and he married a local anchor at my competition Station NBC, who is a friend of mine and she is precious. They have a cute little family and then congratulations Todd on your win. I know you are a congressman im sure you are friends with Joe Wilson his dad. Just to give you background
Alan. I will start with you what happened yesterday at the White House. This is a meeting that had been on my calendar for several weeks. I knew I was going to the White House before I knew I was going to be on this lawsuit. We were planning to be up here in Washington for a number of meeting with government officials, including the president and others. We were going to be here for the White House. Christmas party yesterday was just us conducting business. We had planned to do from several weeks ago. The lawsuit came up, no ask of us just a discussion. We talked about many other issues that affect our states. Ainsley, im sure he thanked you all for the support I know on Twitter was thanking for the nineteen states that were supporting him, including himself. This is what the suit said. Ken Paxton said this the constitution matters and must be followed or its Jusust, a piece parchment paper thats on display at the national archives. We ask the court to choose the former so Todd these states are saying you cant throw out these mail in ballots. They are the ones that changed the laws in the middle of the game, though they changed. The deadline- they are the ones to blame right, absolutely
speaking, not just as Indianas next attorney general, but as the former chief election officer for the state. These laws are very important. They go to the foundation of our republic and a free society. There is a reason that our founding fathers had the wisdom in the founding document. To say you know what only legislatures can set local election laws and thats, because the legislatures of each state are the body thats closest to the people right. So you want that accountability. Ultimate power is truly in the people. You want those that are directly elected by the people and those closest to the people. Touching those laws, not judges, not unelected bureaucrats, not even elected officials who arent the legislature in Indiana. You cannot. If you are the chief election officer, you cannot unilaterally change the law, so Indianas. Voters who overwhelmingly supported our president are being negatively impacted, Ainsley Alan. Is he talking about article two of the constitution where legislators have to decide if we change election laws,
LAS Vegas, the equal protection law, and that was violated? They are claiming in Michigan, because some of the people who were the poll watchers the partisan observers they were watching in some counties, six feet other counties, ten feet, others were able to watch right there. It was unequal. What do you think the Supreme Court will do about this Allen? Ainsley? I dont want to presume to tell you what the judges and the court are going to do. I would like to use an analogy. I think surmise Sur summarize th people at home Football team final seconds. One team runs the ball into the end zone and look up on jumbotron, and you see there is a chance that someone might have stepped out of bounds right before they cross the plain into the end zone. The first thing the losing team or anybody would do- is challenge and to see if the person had played by the rules by stepping out of bounds. Ainsley, you know television, we are out of time. You cant change the rules. The rules are the rules.
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