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Trump on contrast with Biden: 'American dream vs. socialist hell hole'

2020-10-20 | 🔗
President Trump reacts to final presidential debate on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Issues come up law and order, the economy covid shutdowns, but whats. The number one stark contrast in your mind between you and Joe Biden: okay, so many individual things, whether its second amendment or energy or all of these things they want to raise your taxes. I want to lower your taxes regulations all of that, but the bottom line, the american dream, the great american dream versus being a socialist hell hole because theyre going to turn us into a socialist nation, were going to be no different than Venezuela and ill. Tell you what it can happen. It can happen. Venezuela, twenty years ago, was unbelievable and now they dont have water. They dont have food, they dont have medicine. The only difference is wed, be much bigger, but thats. What it is, its the american dream versus a socialist hell hole will and what im? Sorry? What specifically? Would you point to with Joe Biden and
Kamala Harris that would take us to that socialist hell hole? Well everything you know socialized medicine. They want you to go to a hospital. If you have a cold take away your health care, they want to take away. One hundred and eighty million in credible health care plans that people love. I mean you can go down a list forever. They want to take away your guns, defund your police, or at least radically change your police. Look. What theyre doing in Minneapolis are in Seattle. They want to destroy your police.
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