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Trump on Republicans’ influence of the court system during his presidency: ‘There’s never been anything like it’

2020-09-26 | 🔗
On a 'Fox & Friends' exclusive interview, Trump discusses Mitch McConnell’s impact on his presidency and Republicans’ influence on the federal court system.
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Did you think Mitch? Mcconnell would be this this, this big of a role in cementing your legacy. Three big justice. Well, we've worked very closely together and it's been pretty amazing. Look we have there's, never been anything like it. If you think again, by the end, we have forty or fifty. We have many people in there waiting to be confirmed right now for federal judgeships, that's a big deal. A federal judgeship by the end of the term will have almost three hundred federal judges and court of appeals, judges, which is a record. So we will have had a great impact on the coordinate system going forward.
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