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Trump sending federal agents to Chicago, Albuquerque and Kansas City as part of Operation Legend

2020-07-23 | 🔗
A law enforcement panel reacts on 'Fox & Friends.'
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The effort to shut down the effort to shut down policing in their own communities has let to a shocking explosion of shootings killings, murders and heinous crimes of violence. Today, im announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime Steve there, you see the president talking about a surge of federal agents too, as you can see there Chicago Kansas City and Albuquerque among each citys recent spike in violent crime. All part of you recall, operation, legend named after Legend a 4 year old, Kansas City, Missouri boy who was shot and killed while asleep in his bed. Last month, his mother was at the White House yesterday. Will Heth lets talk to a law enforcement panel to see how they feel they represent? Each of the cities now under operation legend, local Albuquerque, police, President Toby and Kansas City, fraternal order of police, Brad, lemon and former Chicago police officer and founder of seven
star, consulting Dmitry Roberts Guys good morning to awful you good morning. Good morning, good morning, Steve Toby lets start with you. I did not realize that Albuquerque in the last year, or so was named. One of the ten most dangerous big cities in America. How are you reacting to the fact that the president is going to send in the troops and help you not troops, but officers? Well, not a title. We are proud of for sure, but its fact, its very violent. Our officers are stretched to their limits. Honestly, we welcome any help we can get. We have always had partners with the federal government. They have always come in with their task force, the ATF, the marshals, and they have been of great assistance to us in the past. We welcome- and I know our officers do Steve. We have a graphic that shows the number of federal agents going to be sent Chicago is going to get two hundred Kansas city. Two hundred and Al Go Kirky is going to get thirty five
Brad, you are there in Kansas City. I know Legends mother was there yesterday, with the president of the United States, were going to get her comments on sending in help and then your reaction to it right after this watch this operation, legend is not to harass its not to harm or to hurt it is to help investigate unsolved murders and which one of those happened to be our innocent 4 year old son children are supposed to be our future and our 4 year old Son didnt make it to kindergarten. My family and I support operation legend, and we strongly want our community and everybody else behind us, Steve Brad. When I lived in Kansas City, there was a crime problem, but nothing like what you are seeing right now. How happy are you that the president is taking the initiative to send help your way? Look Steve? We are already in the top most violent five most violent cities in the country.
We had a thirty four percent increase in homicides. This year we have a young mother on tv begging for help. Another young mother gunned down two or three days ago. She had a baby with her and five months. Pregnant Kansas City is sick of this, and we need help and at the end of the day, if we can get more federal officers in this city to help us investigate these crimes, put bad people in jail and help save this city. We will take whatever help. We can get Steve, absolutely Dmitry. You are there in Chicago. The president of the United States has a problem with the mayor of Chicago. The mayor of Chicago has a got a problem with the president. It appears they are setting those differences aside to send these two hundred officers in to work on gangs and guns and drugs thats a good thing. Well, they better and at the end of the day you know. All of us on this panel are uniquely qualified to say the hell with politics when it comes to violence in our cities and especially when it comes to
the lives of our children and our future. So, at the end of the day, im glad that they are sitting on the side, because what we can all agree upon, no matter where we are black or white, whether we are democrat or Republican is we dont want to see any more violence. We dont want to see any more killing and we definitely dont want to see any more young children and future stripped away at the hand of sendsless violence. If they didnt there will be they pay the hell with politics. We have to fix this Steve. You are exactly right. I would ask each of you if you would have a message for the President of the United States, the fact he is sending in the help. Tony start with you in Albuquerque. Our citizens need it. We need to support our people, do what you can to help us. We will take the help. Please
Steve Brad. You are in c dot c mo this isnt about politics, its about saving lives and getting more Kansas, Citiens to get to high school and to live Steve, Dmitry yeah. At the end of the day, President Trump im proud of you for making this decision and taking this proactive step and at the end of the day there has to be a balance approach. Thats the message: we got to take a balanced approach to this. That means in conjunction with those federal officers coming to Chicago and other cities around the country. There needs to be oversight and proper oversight. This is that moment where you can get the community involved and get other thoughtful Americans and organizations involved and make sure we take a balanced approach to ensuring that this violence stops in our cities, Steve because it has got to so many lives are on the line Toby and Brad Adimitri. Thank you for your service and thank.
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