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Trump should focus on how crucial Georgia Senate runoffs are: Bill Bennett

2020-12-09 | 🔗
Former Education secretary under President Reagan Dr. Bill Bennett discusses the importance of Georgia runoffs for Republicans and Trump election legal challenges on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Will well as more whistleblower will well as more whistleblower s come forward. President Trump is heading to Georgia today to campaign ahead of the crucial Senate, runoff Jedediah. Meanwhile Fulton County resetter it tied its results after officials rejected claims of fraud stemming from surveillance, video that appeared to show illegal ballot, counting without supervisors. Pete here now to discuss Fox NEWS contributor, Dr Bill Bennett, the honorable Bill Bennett. Thank you very much, sir, for joining us this morning, giving us a little bit of your time. You bet PETE whats, your take Georgia and the presidents legal team pressing in multiple states, but specifically youve got this video in Georgia, which theres a lot of questions about well. First, the presidents visit very important, very important that he emphasize the election coming up in January. He can acknowledge the problems with the November election, but focus on the January election and how crucial it is and he gets his full and whole hearted support to Kelly, Loeffler and Purdue and encourages everyone to go out
and vote whatever they may think is wrong with November, but in regard to November I remain a skeptic im not going to be singing this tune for four years. I dont want to sound like a Democrat and never never give up, but I believe this election was fixed was controlled by a lot of democratic operatives, and you know a couple simple questions, one apart from the episodic events, so the very persuasive woman you had on from Wayne County. I think Detroit talking about being bullied into putting someone in the Democrat column, im interested in systematic corruption. Here that took place there are just too many statistical anomalies. If you look at the probabilities here, the votes are coming in Trump is leading, then it kind of evens out and then some tranches come in, and I think this is in disputable in the middle of the night, where
the vote is. Ninety five for Biden, five or ten for Trump, this just doesnt- make sense mathematically or in terms of the world as we know it and hads. Are we to believe that in these inner city neighborhoods that Joe Biden out performed Barack Obama in terms of percentage of the vote more popular with the inner city than Barack Obama, when we know that Donald Trump made tremendous gains in the inner city vote? But then just a simple question: if everything is fine in Fulton County, why do you need to have a black cloth covering these ballots? A black cloth? You cant see through doesnt. That seem a little odd, a little unusual. Why do you have to tell people to leave and then remove the black cloth? Im? Sorry, I know these official s have said everything is fine, dont, look there. You know who are you going to believe me or your own eyes, im going to believe my own eyes and weve heard enough by public officials over the last six months? You know about this
danger and that danger and relax everything is fine and then a change of direction. Im! Sorry, im! Not buying it lets, let the process play out, and I know Jedediah is happy with the courts findings and wants this thing to end. We all want it to end last point. This is a divided country, a very divided country. If were going to get this thing resolved and resolved to most peoples, satisfaction, I dont think its ever going to be to Everybodys youve got to let this thing play out all the way. Through final final point, I want to look into those machines. I want to look into that dominion voting machine. They have resisted anyone looking into it on grounds that its proprietary, I think, theres a problem there Jedediah Bill quickly. Just because you referenced me and Dh S looked into those dominion machines which were in twenty eight states, some of which the President won. But you know I think, a lot of people. I dont think its a rush to want it to end. I think people are just objectively myself included, looking at the court cases evaluating them being honest
about whats, being alleged in court versus whats, being alleged on social media, listen ing to secretaries of state. Republicans that are in many of these localities that are am coming out, saying, Listen were looking at hour upon hour of video, and this is whats happening, and this is why its happening Trump appointed judges. This just doesnt seem to be a big left wing conspiracy and you have many republican officials on record, including many members of trumps legal team in court who are not alleging these things, let alone proving them. So I think its just a factual assessment of whats going on if theres more evidence lets see it. But as of now, we have not seen enough evidence to say that this election has been stolen. Im. Sorry, I dont agree. Theres circumstantial evidence, a lot of circumstantial evidence and you can take it to court and were not done yet. But you know we went for three years and the challenges to Donald trumps election. Can we just go another month? Is that okay? Can we just look at everything and be as sure as we possibly
can that this thing was fine but theres, plenty of evidence, its called statistical evidence, its called probabilities, its called anomalies? Eighteen of twenty bellweather counties voted for Donald Trump. These are the counties that always predict the president, and yet it didnt happen in this case. If you look hard at these facts, its just hard to ignore the idea that something went fundamentally wrong in terms of a conspiracy on the left im a lot older than you are Jedediah, I know the left. I used to hang with the left in college hate to admit it, but I did they will do anything because they think that we are awful. We are wrong. We are evil, they are right and they know whats good for us will bill. I think many Americans share your skepticism. As you pointed out earlier, most polls suggest most Americans look at this election, not just those on the right by the way, but a significant percentage of those on the left. Look at this election and raise their eyebrows. At the very least you talk about. Why those eyebrows are raised?
Your conclusion bill is then lets. Let the process play out help me see what process beyond the legal process. Would you like to see play out? You said you dont want to be a Democrat and let this go on for four years as well, so describe the process for me, please well a full airing. You know Justice Brandise said sunlight is the best disinfectant lets not sweep away all of this. These dominion machines have been looked at by some people, but not other people and looked at by interested parties and by the proprietors of these machines, but lets have full disclosure here. The court system here is a problem and ill admit its a problem. If you want a case in a court of law, talk to any serious litigator, he will tell you. It takes six months a year a year and a half to make a case. These guys, Guilani and others are under incredible time pressure, but do what you can and keep the appeals coming and keep uncovering whatever evidence
there is, and then, if we get it settled and nobody can establish it, I think its already been established. Then a lot of the country will go along, but just keep the process going. I think if we didnt have so many people saying that its a threat to democracy shut it down, stop get over it. I think id feel better about it. Thats the court of public opinion and public opinion is crucial here for next couple of years. If you want civil peace and concord youd better, let this thing play out. Will there you go Dr Bill Bennett? Thank you so much for your time. This morning we appreciate it always love having you.
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