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Trump slams Biden's economic policies: 'We will never let this country become a socialist nation'

2020-10-20 | 🔗
'This is the most important election in the history of our country,' President Trump tells 'Fox & Friends,' adding that people need to 'get out and vote' because what the Democrats want to do 'is crazy.'
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Democrat run states. I hope people realize that Ainsley lets talk about taxes, because fifty cent says hes not going to Brian. You mean the rapper Ainsley. The rapper Biden says: if you make more than four hundred thousand dollars im raising your taxes. What is your plan? What he said is much worse than that hes going to look at the Wall Street Journal. They just came out today, just in terms of life, six thousand five hundred dollars over a short period of time, more theyre going to have to pay he. My tax plan was the biggest tax cut in the history of our country and regulation cut, but the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. He wants to violate that. That would take away child tax credit, one thousand dollars a child. It would take away two thousand five hundred dollars. It would take away. You know something that will happen if they ever did it. Energy look at youre buying two dollars a gallon gasoline. Now nobody thought Thahat was possible
that will go to five dollars or ten dollars. You wont even be able to buy a car youll go into a depression, the likes of which this country has never seen, at least since one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine. Who knows that was a pretty bad one, but if he gets in what they will do is everything itll be a disaster theyre going to double triple quadruple your taxes, they actually say, were going to quadruple to spend it on the green new deal, this ridiculous green new deal, which makes no sense, designed by AOC plus three didnt, even study the environment. Now theyre telling us about the green new deal? No, no. What theyre doing is crazy and their taxes will quadruple theyre going to take your guns away. The whole thing is crazy. The whole plan is crazy. It runs on the bay us that theyre going to run your taxes. Brian, of course AOC is not the candidate but Bidens Energy man is the framework based on
the green new deal by Senator Markey and Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez, which includes retrofitting. I think every building in the country to make it more environmentally friendly- and I imagine that theyre going to go to the Pentagon to take some of that money because its just not going to be anywhere else, so they want to take a building and they want to make the windows from nice windows to little windows. Oh thats, just fine, I know all about construction. Thats, wonderful lets, make them tiny little windows because youre going to save two cents on energy. These people are. This is the most important election in the history of our country, and people have to get out and vote, because what they want to do is crazy. We will never allow this country.
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