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Trump team files lawsuit in Georgia challenging election results

2020-12-05 | 🔗
Former U.S. attorney for Utah Brett Tolman weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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My partner and I were given my partner and I were given a box that was not sealed property. We cut up the box and it was loaded with absentee ballots. There were batches of ballots in each batch was to have one hundred in a batch, and we got through six hundred of these, and we were amazed at the count. Almost every one that was in the entire batch was for Biden. The entire batch was for Biden overwhelmingly Georgia whistleblower coming forward, claiming she witnessed election irregularities as Donald trumps, legal team files, a new lawsuit ahead of his visit there later today, Fulton County recertified, its results after officials said they debunked claims of fraud stemming from surveillance, video that appeared to show illegal ballot counting
here to discuss former prosecutor and US attorney from the state of Utah. Thanks for being with us. This morning, the Trump team and Georgia GOP filing a new lawsuit Friday claims of viral video. That shows, in their estimation, people making the claims that this is an example of election fraud. Tell us your state of the claims and the status of the presidents claims of fraud in this election, the president had no choice but to file another lawsuit. What you have is a video that has gotten a lot of attention. The video, if you listen to the voice narrating, the video that attorney is a friend of mine, have the utmost confidence in her shes one of the finest attorneys that I know she analyzed the video they talked with witnesses they outlined. I
think what is very, compelling and disturbing when you watch and see the video when it comes to the debunking that has been alleged, that they debunked the video. If you look at what they stated, the governor is concerned about it and called for a signature audit, but the debunking has audit, but the debunking has amounted to. Basically, yes, we admit they were scanning ballots. We dont think anybody was kicked out of the room, thats, not debunking the video, what we needed, someone to look at it in partially and the site if it is significant in this election, go ahead. I was going to say with all due respect, that is not what the Secretary of States Office is saying. They are saying they watched hours and hours of footage and what is being alleged about suitcases. They
are not suitcases. They regular ballot boxes. These ballots scanning ballots that had already been opened with individuals in the room observers who were not told to leave the room. They were told to come back in at any point saying those individuals in the Secretary of States Office are lying, saying, an untruth with respect to what they saw for hours and hours a couple things thats, not necessarily refuting what is alleged about the video there are witnesses who indicated they were kicked out indicated they were kicked out of the room when it occurs, is concerning. There was an admission. They were counting ballots. There is a spike in the statistics in terms of Biden, jumping ahead that correlates with timing of the video watching and observing it for hours. Much of the video may not be problematic, but you
certainly have enough when it concerns the governor. The concerns the governor, the Secretary of State, certainly has the authority to recertify, but if I watch and correlate the spike quote that went predominantly to Biden, I file a lawsuit, and if you have confidence, nothing was wrong. They should be okay with a they should be. Okay with a signature audit. The signature audit is what people have been calling for to see if the amount of ballots matches the amount of ballots with signatures on them. To make sure the count is aboveboard. When you look at the spike of voting other states where the vote was stopped and there was a spike, it looks suspicious, but a spike it looks suspicious, but the New York Post had an op ed, calling out Democrats for what we know they do often, which is hypocrisy. Democrats are now reaping the whirlwind of the two thousand and sixteen election resistance. A portion of the Op Ed says in violation of long standing norms. Democrats refuse to accept the results of as legitimate, again and again leading
Democrats to call Trump illegitimate. Three years they held the russian collusion hoax without producing every evidence accept the discredited steel body. Democrats were dismayed that many Americans are not accepting the legitimacy of the Biden presidency are in the process of learning a lesson talking a long time ago. You reap what you so reap, what you. So, why is it do much to allow Donald trumps legal team, four, six, eight weeks to examine if the election was aboveboard shouldnt that be okay in light of what was done, it should be okay. This is something I think. Trump is entitled to do, theres enough irregularities, and this is also on the heels of the media, seemingly burying controversial and expose allegations about Hunter Biden and money from foreign countries never dug into that.
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