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Trump will win after Biden made ‘biggest miscalculation’ hiding in basement: McEnany

2020-11-02 | 🔗
Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Kayleigh McEnany previews Election Day on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Which is Pennsylvania and Detroits, which is Michigan lets bring in Kayleigh Mcenany Trump, two thousand and twenty campaign adviser. We tried to get ahold of you earlier. We were having trouble with transmission. I know todays the closing argument, but really what youre trying to do is you know youve got a great ground game, youre, just trying to get all the people who you think are on the Trump team to show up by tomorrow. Yes- and we have no doubt about that- look Steve when we have these rallies and you have literally forty five thousand rsvps- that should tell you something: we have a ground game, we turn out voters, you have Democrats who have made the biggest miscalculation in modern american politics by not knocking on doors. They didnt start that until MID September, hiding in the basement, President Trump will prevail on election day voting and beyond Ainsley all right. So where will you all be on election night, Tuesday night?
If he does win, are you all going the to be together? Celebrating yes, well, be there at the White House in d dot c this president has earned a second term. You have a choice: voters have a choice: the dark winter that Joe Biden has promised or morning in America again, youve seen the optimism of President Trump on stage. You see Joe Biden, who is promising us a dark winter with ahead. I believe voters will endorse the hottest economy, this modern history that President Trump is bringing back once more Brian. So a lot of people making this story a big deal that the President kind of kicked to the curb, and that is that hes going to declare premature victory, hes going to call a press conference and hes going to say I won, has anything like that been drawn up? Has anything like that been talked about? No, what that is is that is the Joe Biden Crowd, knowing that they are on the brink of defeat, making things up and peddling it in the process. This presidents prepared to win resoundingly.
We believe that were actually going to pick up states. The numbers are looking good im here in Miami Dade County right now, with we had historic republican turnout at the poll. The Trafalgar poll has predicted five times, including last night, that he will win Michigan again. That is a fake news story because they know the numbers with that its. Why Joe Biden finally emerged from the basement and is even going places like Minnesota Steve, you know Kayleigh in normal years, it seems like by the end of election night. We know who the winner is the next day, but this year, given the fact that there are so many early ballots that have been cast by mail and walking in and things like that, a lot of states dont even start counting them until after the polls have closed tomorrow night, the Pennsylvania Secretary of State yesterday said it could be days before all the votes are counted. I in Pennsylvania, Becaus ten times as many mail in
ballots, have been submitted as two thousand and sixteen. So during that that purgatory of waiting for the news on how states turn out whats the campaigns plan. Well, look we. We believe that Americans deserve to know the victor of the election on election night. If you look back through american history, there is one election where we didnt know the victor in the 24 hour period afterwards, and that was Bush v Gore in two thousand, and I dont think that was a pretty good moment for more than politics and the country. We dont belief that voters should have to wait for days on end. We know thats, subject to fraud, finding new ballots out. There weve seen multiple cases of fraud as weve moved forward through the primaries, and we believed that the votes should be counted and tallied like it always has, and America should rise to the occasion and count ballots on the day of the election Ainsley. I know the president doesnt get Pennsylvania, he has
to get Michigan or Wisconsin can and Nevada. Yesterday, with Joe Biden said in one of his speeches that the president doesnt stand a chance in Pennsylvania, he also said this listen. The people of this nation is have sufferedded and sacrificed for nine months, not more so than our doctors and front line health care workers. This president questioning their character, their integrity, their commitment to their fellow Americans its more than offensive its a disgrace, hes a disgrace to say it. We have a president whos given up ill, never give up. Well, never wave the flag of surrender were going to beat this virus were going to get it under control. The truth is to beat the virus. Weve first got to beat Donald Trump cheers and applause hes, the virus, Ainsley Kayleigh whats to your reaction, hes, calling this president the virus. Well, first, I dont know why
he always shouts through his campaign speeches. That is an appalling statement and contrary to what Joe Biden just said, this president rose to the occasion right now, when you look at e dot r visits. Only two point: eight percent are Covid related. We reduced the mortality rate, but eighty five percent created a vaccine in record time by tend of the year therapeutics that work the great testing system in the world thats what this president did with a novel virus. What did Joe Biden do with the swine flu? Joe Biden cut off testing dud, not deliver a vaccine in time and survived through the swine flu because of mere fortuity according to his chief of staff, this president is offering again morning in America, while Joe Biden is offering a dark winter where churches are shuttered, workplaces are shuttered and schools are closed down, thats, not what the american people want, and we will see that in a mere twenty four hours brianed today, Germany shuts down for at least a month. We know France has shut down for
at least a month. Everyone has went to the countryside, and I think, hours ago, Boris Johnson went from a regional lockdown to a total lockdown. The president says he will not do that. Mayor, PETE Buttigieg, who looks to if Joe Biden wins have place in his cabinet, said this yesterday. If Joe Biden wins, should another lockdown be on the table? Well, hopefully it doesnt come to that, because we will see swift action coordinating with and supporting public health authorities telling us what we can to as citizens without requiring mandates. But everything has to be on the table in order to keep Americans safe. Look, it should never have been allowed to get this bad ive been talking to a lot of small business owners, especially here in the Midwest, who are saying look even when theyre able to open customers arent going to come unless they know theyre safe. This is one of many reasons why the first rule of virus economics is to beat the virus, or else you wont have an economy and thats got to be the focus
Brian, I didnt know there was virus economics, but he says its on the table. The presidents taken the lockdown off the table, hes in power e buttigieg E Buttigieg, his adviser admitting it. We know how to handle Covid 19 now of we know who it affects. We know how to protect our elderly, our seniors, our vulnerable Americans have lost their jobs, their way of life, their wages were finally coming back with historic GDP growth. Under this president, we cannot have a president that succumbs to the virus. We need a president that overcomes the virus, and that is exactly what President Trump has done. While Joe Biden will put his hands forward and surrender lock down your schools, churches and Workplaces Steve, you know Kayleigh election night, two thousand and twenty is, unlike anything weve seen in our lifetime because usually at the end of the night, youre expecting balloon drops and confetti, and things like that. Instead, you know there are businesses all across America that are boarding up because
theyre afraid there could be. You know if one candidate wins a certain way. Suddenly people are going to be so hacked off theyre going to knock out the windows at the gap or something like that they are increasing security in Portland, Philadelphia, ballot, Porks Charlottesville, Detroit Janesville, Wisconsin, Chicago New York, city and Washington, D, DOT c. What does that say to you about the state of America in twenty? Twenty? That if a certain candidate is elected or reelected, people are going to you know, rather than vote to impact change, theyre going to try to break a window? Yeah thats right, Steve Notice, what those cities have in common. They are all democrat cities. What are they saying with the boarding up and the civil unrest that theyre expecting theyre saying? If you dont choose the lefts chosen candidate, we will send the left out to attack you
thats. As Joe Biden has the power to say, stand down to the to mob? Will he do it? This is all the proof you need that the election not be given federal power. We deserve the great american tradition of democracy, of peaceful elections, of accepting the vote of the american people.
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