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Tunnel to Towers board member to read brother’s name at 9/11 ceremony

2020-09-11 | 🔗
Kathy Cunningham, sister of Donald W. Robertson, Jr., tells ‘Fox & Friends’ she is honoring and reading her brother’s name at the 9/11 ceremony.
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35 year Old Donald Robinson, 35 year old, Donald Robinson Jr, a father of four, there is his picture right there. He was working in the north tower of the World Trade Center when he died on the morning of September 11th, two thousand and eleven. Here we are nineteen years later. His sister continues to keep his memory alive and will read his name during the tunnel to Towers foundation ceremony here in New York City later this morning. Her name is Cathy Cunningham and she joins us, live from lower Manhattan near ground zero. Good morning, Cathy hey good Morning, Ainsley. Thank you for having me here today. You are welcome. Tell us, walk us through that day, how nine slash eleven changed your familys life. Well, we suffered an incredible loss, as did almost three thousand other families. My brother was a 35 year old father of four and worked Fitzgerald on the 105th floor for the division. He left with a whole huge in our heart, determines to keep his memory alive,
thats why we are here, reading names and keeping all of those two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven souls in our memory today, Ainsley holding up a child tell us about your brother, personal life. Just more about him. My brother was larger than life. The life of the party lit up the room. He was the guy that called the cab. If you needed a cab paid your bill quietly paid a debt for a family member. He was large but quiet at the same time with his kindness and when he left us, we had no other than to keep memory alive, working to the tunnel to towers foundation. That has given me a platform to honor him and do him proud. I hope I know you are a board member on tunnel two towers on their board,
and you just mentioned the team tunnel. Two towers always have this one. Every year, Frank always comes on to talk about it. Tell us what your family does. I know its the largest team and why you named it team green on the Shamrock team. I started out as a single fundraiser here as a foundation. It grew and grew and grew, and I knew I needed to ramp it up a bit in honor of Donnie. We created team shamrock. My brother had a shamrock tattoo on his hip, which he loved to show everyone thats how team Shamrock came to be. We have over five hundred run or walkers every year with our New York City event, and we raise a lot of money, and you know what we do with the money that we raise great great stuff. We make a difference in our military in our first responders in our gold star families thats our obligation Ainsley. I know he never got to go to Ireland. That was dream. You are carrying out some other dreams for families, because you
are doing so much for this great organization. What was your reaction when you heard the memorial decided this year because of code? We want to stay safe. We are not going to allow family members to read the names right. Well, I cant lie. I was exceedingly disappointed. I come here every year. This is hallowed ground. This is sacred ground. This is all we have those of us. I mean we never recovered my brother. So when I come here- and I read his name- it is cathartic, it is healing, and I love to be around the other families as well, would all share that same hole. Our heart, when I heard the names werent being read disappointed. I didnt understand it because I have to give kudos to the memorial and the mayor and everybody that put on a good show Mayor Bloomberg. They put on a good show every year over at the memorial it was seamless, they had a great blueprint when they eliminated that I was
really disappointed and when Frank Siller, he does it all frank. He is amazing when he picked up the ball and ran with that. I was so proud to be a party of this Ainsley. We remember your brother Donald W Robertson Jr. Today we will hear his name being read out loud now because of tunnel two towers. Thank you so much Cathy for keeping his legacy alive and being on with us this morning.
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