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Tunnel to Towers organizing in-person 9/11 name-reading ceremony after memorial cancels live tributes

2020-08-06 | 🔗
Frank Siller is organizing a safe way for victims' families to gather and read names on 9/11 after the memorial says recorded names will be used this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Pete Brian, take it from here Ashley. Thank you, yes, Brian will for families to read the names of their lost loved ones during the ceremony, however, this year the memorial deciding not to do the live reading due to Covid 19 concerns and instead use a recording, our next guest brother, New York City firefighter and familiar to you who raced on foot to the twin towers where he gave his life saving others now tunnel, two towers, ceo, Frank Siller, come up with a new plan to honor the lives of the fallen Frank. We got your reflections on the decision. You said you are going to take action. What happened? Well, the action is, they are not going. It read the names and the tunnel two towers. We are going to provide that service. We are going to put make sure that the nine slash eleven families have an opportunity to read the names of their loved ones. We could do it in a very safe way because im all about safety, we hanged out over three million pieces of Ppe Tunnel, two towers to make sure hospitals and
everybody in New York and the tristate area and further got back from Florida as a matter of fact delivering a truck load down there. So we understand safety were going to make sure the readers only one at a time come up to each podium going to be two podiums. Anyone thats on the stage will be six feet apart. They will be wearing mask and get up to the podium and take it off and read the names its not that difficult to do. We will make sure that anyone who gathers around and listens to the names being read are wearing a mask going to have gloves for people to wear. We will have hand sanitizers, have our staff out there making sure that everybody is safe. Brian, Frank, what you are doing is your own thing. You cannot convince the nine Slash eleven museum to do their thing correct, and I wish that we didnt have to do it. I know there is a lot of families that are upset that the names werent going to be read. They dont know many of the families that were going to be doing im, sure they are going to be relieved.
The day I was down there, I ran into a firefighter who lost his brother, Joseph Henry, on nine slash, eleven sea firefighter, his father was his grand father and they were so upset that the names were not going to be read. I said: look we are coming up with a plan to read them. He said it his a widow manning who wants to read for the first time the name of her husband and he left behind two young daughters, and there is a petition out there. I know I talked about from Donna a nine slash, eleven survivor the day I came on with you about a week ago. She had a little over two thousand signatures now its up to nearly fifty thousand signatures. There is a great calling for us to read the names and we at the tunnel to towers Foundation are always about remembering the sacrifice the life lost that day. Never forgetting and its so important to have that emotion of that day, to read
the names and for other generations to know what happened and you cant have a videotape of years in past. You have to have these families reading and were going to do that Brian. We realize that used to be a country figure out now its all about we cant. Do we cant get people into the city? Now, if you are coming from the outside one of those banned states, you have to quarantine for two weeks or you could be massively fined. Tell all the families that I hate to see them fall victim, but were probably going to get this on the stream and be able to contact you and see where we go from here. The Memorial museum letter to families goes like this. We will use recorded name readings from museums Memorial to make sure your loved ones are recognized and remembered that wasnt good enough for us, certainly not good enough for Frank in memory of your brother and some others so again, tunnel, two towers making it happen, and I hope Fox is down there. Recording it and doing it and im sure they will, because they get it and im sure many others will too
Brian thats. Why you give tunnel two towers donations. You know your money goes to the right place tunnel two towers, dot org. They will take every month, ten dollars or whatever can you afford? So you dont have.
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