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Tunnel to Towers pays off mortgage of NYPD detective

2020-12-20 | 🔗
Tunnel to Towers chairman and CEO Frank Siller and Esther Veve join 'Fox & Friends Weekend' to discuss the relief program being granted to NYPD officer Dalsh Veve.
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Will that was tailor made for PETE Hegseth, Bitcoin and cats tunnel to towers, bringing help to our heroes? He sustained paralyzing injuries after being dragged three blocks by a speeding car on the job in two thousand and seventeen in honorary of his bravery and service tunnel to two hours is paying off the mortgage on his home. We have Frank Siller tunnel to towers and his wife Esther thank you for being here. How did Dallas and his family represented by Esther right here, get their mortgage paid off? It is not something you want to be selected for, because you had to pay a big price protecting our community. In this case he is a first responder. He paid a big price. He was out in New York City June 3rd, two thousand and seventeen went to work,
gave his wife a kiss good, bye, his beautiful daughter, a kiss good bye. What happened was some gang member with a stolen car rammed into him and dragged him nearly three blocks where he sustained life altering injuries where he is going to need a caretaker for the next twenty four slash, seven for the rest of his life. That being said, he is blessed. He has a beautiful wife Esther Good Morning, Esther. She is a nurse morning. She is taking care of him. You can imagine the strain on family. Like that turn Nell to Towers Foundation, we want to make sure were there for the great family ofs that pay ad great price new part of our program. Wee pay off mortgages for those catastrophically injured for first responders. We ask everybody once again to join us during the season of
hope, donate eleven dollars a month to tunnel to towers. Will we talked about the five officers who got mortgage release through tunnels to towers? Frank makes a great point, not that you have to be in need to be selected. I can imagine this is welcome. Relief to help us with your mortgage tell us how he is doing and what it means for you and your family good morning. Will, I think, Frank put it well. We know it wasnt going to be easy, so we definitely taking it one day at a time. Taking a step forward and two steps back overall weve been blessed to have him around, he is doing great will. He is doing great. I understand youre, a nurse youre, also a first responder Esther through the entire process. You had to take some time off. Tell us who you the relief from tunnel to towers, going to change things, possibly for your family. Oh my god, the peace of mind
I had to be out on leave a couple of times on and off. I actually left my original job. I was working at when Dalsh was first injured. Knowing this is being flexible to be there for him and focus on his rehabilitation for sure will absolutelely Esther. We appreciate what you do, what Dalsh done for his community for the nation. We wish you the best in his recuperation, helping your family through this season. Of hope. Frank. Thank you. So much for everything. Youre doing, as we mentioned, reiterate, Tunnel2Towers DOT, org how you can help so many others are needing help as well will. Can I say one more quick thing: six years ago, detectives Ramos and Liu were assassinated because they were police officers six years ago today. Lets remember them and pray for.
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