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Twitter censoring Hunter Biden story gave other media outlets 'permission' to play down allegations: Tammy Bruce

2020-12-10 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce analyzes the media coverage of Hunter Biden allegations on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley have a good day. Brian, their voices will be heard, lets bring in Tammy, Bruce Fox NEWS contributor and president of the independent Womens voice Tammy. How are you good morning im good? Thank you, Brian amazing. We covered it. You covered it the Hunter Biden story not because its rumors and Inend dough and unnamed source us there were emails witnesses, people next to him to HO came forward. We had soundbites, we had the paperwork, we had the laptop, but no one cared in fact here is NPR and what they said October 22nd. According to the public editor, they will wanted to explain away why they didnt cover the story being investigated by the FBI for his tax doings. He said quote: why havent we seen any stories about from NPR about the Post Biden story. We dont want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories. We dont want to waste the elevens and reareds time on stories that are just pure distraction, really the some of the President Elect.
If he, in fact, he becomes President Elect Tammy its not important and know Stheag actually implicated in it, and is he lying saying he knew nothing? He lying saying he knew nothing about it set tone for the absurdity of what media was doing. To was that story recall the New York Post lost their account, I think for weeks, because they did not want twitter disallowed that link they disallowed the story about Hunter Bidens laptop. That set an interesting tone and to note what Twitter was deciding to censor gave other media forms say this is nothing. This is meaningless. Yet a media research center poll in late November found that seventeen percent of Democrats that are called for Joe Biden would have voted differently, maybe not necessarily for Trump,
but would have voted differently had they known of at least one of the eight major stories that had been censored about Hunter Biden. We know that it interfered with the election its sufficiently. We know they are not media, we know the media as they call themselves. Journalists now are covering it, but of course, after the fact they know- or at least they believe that Donald Trump is not going to be able to continue this and that even perhaps Hunter Biden will get a pardon from from Joe Biden if he does Asend to the White House Steve. I think you hit the nail on the head because they didnt talk about the tony Bobulinski thing or that laptop from the fix it shop in Delaware before the election. Now that Joe Biden has the job now its okay, they can go ahead and do it to my point by mentioning tony Bobulinski, there was such an interest in his story. The night he appeared for an hour with Tucker Carlson. I believe that
was the highest rated single hour in the history of cable news, because it was a story. Nobody, except for Fox, was telling thats right. This, of course, is the reason why independent journalism journalism thats going to look at things across the board. You only have viewers like that when people across the board are interested Democrats also believe it or not grassroots democrats care about corruption. They care about the country, they are being hijacked via your conversation before us, by a group of individuals that do not represent the nature of what every family in this country cares about, which is the future which is being able to live lives that best suit them without government interference. This is why all of what is going on, even including with the lockdowns and the pandemic, have disturbed Americans across the board, including in deep Blue, California, Ainsley yeah speaking of deep blue California. We have seen the hypocrisy you stay at home,
you dont go to the restaurant, but then we see Gavin Newsom in the restaurant. We have seen that all over the place, all over the country where these governor or lawmakers are shutting things down telling you need to stay at home, but yet they are going to visit family in another state thanksgiving that kind of thing. Well, its happened again. California lawmakers went to a restaurant together and they ate outside. Despite the stay at home, orders hypocrisy, they are not all Democrats, I think one or two of them were independents. What do you think look? This is about all the Spirit they always say. Well, we are not violating the law. This is the spirit of the law and lawmakers ordering effectively their citizens to stay at home. You are the problem. What you are doing is causing the death of people, but this is what becomes problematic. How can you take orders seriously? Those telling you about life and death are not
taking it seriously. Apparently, the Sacramento Bee with talking these individuals. Somebody went up to one them at this dinner and this person actually said cant. We even just have dinner. Well, you know welcome to the lament of every American Steve. Why cant we we want to live our lives and were going to you know we are looking at this and Americans. Look, we care about ourselves and our future, my goodness, if they are doing it on something like this, if they are lying to us, we dont know if they are making it up. Even one big lock down propony negligent in California has gone on the record for the new lock down, wait a minute. I dont know if we know what we are doing well. Most of us really believe now that perhaps politicians dont know what they are doing. Brian there is no science or data to back up outdoor dining being a problem. Admiral Jerry WAR said its not a problem. The CDC says its thought: a problem states like Michigan and
California choosing to do it, and now they are trying again you look at Gavin Newsom. If you thought the french laundry was a big deal. How about the fact that his company, evidently in a blind trust, got three dollars million in federal loans to prop up his small workforce while he destroys the state of California, there is a huge push to recall him while his kids go to private school, so the hypocrisy runs rampant and now for Democrats that are all over the city of LOS Angeles dont care that they are Democrats. They just want to stay open because tens of thousands are going to be closed for good soon. Tammy final thought: this is a radicalization Brian. You guys this is radicalizing regular Americans who may happen to be Democrats, libertarians or even republicans, just by registration Americans get radicalized very quickly. When we see we are being taken advantage of and thats.
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