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Twitter, Facebook have 'lost trust' of users: Dave Rubin

2020-10-20 | 🔗
Dave Rubin reacts to Big Tech censorship and support for President Trump on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Twitter for suppressing reports, critical of Hunter Biden, Senator TED cruz- explains why these big tech giants must be held accountable, explain what the hell he is doing, why they are interfering with the election and censor the press. Why are going to get Twitter and Jeff Zuckerberg to testify in front of the Senate Committee and we need answers before the election. This is dangerous. It is a real threat to free speech and real threat to our democratic process. Will here with reaction, the host of the Dave Rubin show its Dave Rubin Good Morning, Dave Good Morning, guys will Dave. I think you have a unique perspective on this topic, because you built a business on the internet, loud voices wouldnt to be heard, but at the same time we see big tech companies, picking which voices will be heard, what to suppress and what to elevate. What should we think and feel
about big tech and the internet and its approach to different voices right now, yeah? Well, you know its a catch 22 for all of us, but particularly those of us that sort of exist as internet creatures. I built a thriving and successful business using Youtube using Twitter using Facebook, so I want these companies to be successful. I want them to be transparent. I think someone subscribes to me follows me or likes me whatever it is. I want them to be able to get my content thats, the unsaid exchange we have with these tech companies, but TED Cruz is right. We dont know whats going on. We dont know what the algorithm delivering us we dont know. If we are being shadow ban, you follow. Somebody on twitter dont see their tweets because they dont line up with whatever is politically correct. In the day this New York Post story, the idea that Twitter was suppressing. That story, regardless of you who true the story, is I mean we know that there is plenty of things that are spread online, that arent
quite true, for example, the very fine people hoax that Joe Biden and the Democrats push constantly where we know if you just watch the full video after Charlottesville Trump condemned the White supremacist and the KKK. If we are going to censor things, I think people want to see it as fair. The bigger issue here is, I dont, think people trust Zuckerberg. They dont trust Jack at twitter anymore, so, even if they are telling the truth, which, generally speaking, I dont think they are, and I dont envy their position either. I think they have lost the trust of the losers once you lose that trust. I dont know how you get it back. Brian. So far, the president has been blocked. Evidently, sixty five times Joe Biden, Hab blocked, none done Jr says I have been shadow banned, tweets fraction, what they were four or five years ago. This New York Post story. We dont see any problem with the Atlantic story where a third person, something the president denied saying, becomes an international event that happened two years ago, but is
timed perfectly for September, so that fact that stays, the New York Post story, emails and actual addresses, and now a receipt with Hunter Bidens signature on it that cant go forward its not hard to see the difference here, Dave of Course, and correct me. If I am wrong guys, no one from the Biden campaign has actually disputed the story. The idea that the story has to be sourced in a specific way for it to be okay on Twitter is crazy. Lets not forget. There were two and a half years of a russian collusion hoax that everybody on Twitter was tweeting about all the time that turned out to be totally false. If we were banning or suppressing views on twitter related to whether every single comments was true or not, I mean, basically, everybody would be banned from twitter, so its that sort of a symmetry that people are fed up with. I think TED Cruz is right here. The question is, we have got two weeks till an election and has the ship left already.
Is there anything that the government can possibly do in two weeks to clean up the mess? I dont know, because I think the way we have been manipulated at this point. We are really the rubber is meeting the road here and it might be too late. Ainsley Dave, I know you attended a Trump rally in Beverly Hills. We want to know what that was like. We are seeing the polls and looks like Biden is ahead like Hillary was in twenty sixteen see the rallies. The boat shows beings the caravans. What was the turnout like? I will fell you something else. I happened to go one last Saturday by accident. I saw this huge Trump rally and jumped out of my car and wanted to see what it was like it, and it was an absolute love fest. I went back this past Saturday intentionally there were. Thousands of people lets be very, very clear about this. It was the complete reverse of what mainstream media tells you black people and asian people and gay people, and straight people
and everybody was having fun. This were torns of american flags, not only the energy and support and happiness and the joy and smiles, but the cars driving by this is Beverly Hills. This is the heart of Lefty Hollywood, Santa Monica and row Deo drive all those fancy stores, pretty woman, all of that and the cars driving by that just happened to be driving by that are not necessarily trump supporters. The thumbs up the honks, I mean, I think something is happening and its just not reflected in the polls. I think people have had it. People have just had it with the idea that the streets are going to be overrun with violence, that they cant say what they think and really reject the far left and trump in a bizarre sense is the only thing standing up against it. Will all right, Dave Rubin. Thank you for getting up early.
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