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Twitter reinstates New York Post's account after attempt to censor Hunter Biden story

2020-10-31 | 🔗
Opinion editor and columnist for the New York Post Sohrab Ahmari joins 'Fox & Friends' with insight.
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Transitions PETE, they are back PETE. They are back thats. The first tweet from the New York Post after Twitter, finally unlocked their account, letting them out of twitter jail. The social media giant backing down from two week battle with the post after initially demanding they delete tweets linked to their now confirmed Hunter Biden Report here to discuss New York Post opinion, editor and columnist so opinion editor and columnist. So he rob Ahmari. We have had you on. You said the New York Post. You said the New York Post will not back down most people, dont win the New York Post did why? I think, because we had truth on our side. This was never hacked material to begin with, so we didnt violate any policy. We just did journalism
and it was so important for us to stand our ground because, as you know, lots of people were advising us to delete six tweets and retweet them as Twitter had asked. Jake Tapper said that yesterday from CNN. Well, if we had done that for the rest of our existence, our critics would say the New York Post, the newspaper that deleted its tweets under fact checking scrutiny from Twitter, so it just. I think there is an inspirational lesson for all Americans. Here we are entering this age of a bullying, liberal consensus in your workplace and classroom. We have got to stand up as much as you can when you have the truth and conscience on your side. We believe we did good reporting stand by it and sometimes can you win in the end. Truth always wins PETE its great to see because the little guy whose account gets blocked or censored doesnt have the recourse or doesnt have a Senate hearing that
exposes these tech oligarchs. The New York Post showed leadership. We werent wrong. We are going to hold our ground look forward to seeing you guys back on Twitter. I want to get your take on one more subject. You wrote an op ed in the post recently that has this title. Why french terror attacks are stark warning to the? U dot S, voters Sohrab there hasnt been coverage on this attacks on Christians and radical Islamists in Europe. Why is this a warning for? U DOT s voters right now? Well because of the horrible attacks in Nyeste attacks in Nyeste. It put me in in nice, DOT Isis Rag Homeland and the Obama by administration did not want to use the word radical Islam denied. There was religious component to this called the major Nadal Hasan Workplace violence. Instead of, I think
people should remember that, and we now have an administration that calls things by its names, thats first step to confronting a threat. Is why what it is? We have had very few and much less under the Trump administration, which is something the president doesnt get nearly enough credit for so as terror begins to mount again in Europe, its important for Americans. To remember that you know you have an administration now that calls things by its name and thats the first PETE Sohrab such a great point. You forget about the workplace, violence or extremism, innocuous terms, as opposed to being honest where it comes from. Thank you for speaking truth and.
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