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Twitter’s double standard of censoring certain accounts is the ‘height of hypocrisy’: Rep. Mace

2021-01-10 | 🔗
Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., argues the social media company is ‘completely hypocritical’ for banning President Trump’s account while allowing dictators to remain on the site.
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Jedediah lawmakers fighting for free speech and calling out big tech double standard after Twitter banned President Trump from the platform yet allows dictators to remain online will here to discuss South Carolinas, GOP congresswoman Nancy MACE Good Morning, congresswoman, hey good morning. Thank you for having me on day were glad to have you tell us about this seemingly obvious double standard here. It is not just Irans Ayatollah twitters choices who and who not to censor to suppress, seems to be obvious. What is guiding their principle right now? Who are they choosing? Why are they choosing certain individuals whose voices cannot be heard? Obviously, as you mentioned earlier, it is the height of hypocrisy. Twitter is a private company. They have rules an standards. They need to be clear and consistent. The way they apply them to ban the President of the United States for his language is one thing, but then to allow lets, say the chinese government who, just two days ago called for genocide against the Uyghurs
online on Twitter and the account is still up. The tweet is still up. If you look at Irans Supreme Leader calling for terrorist attacks on the- u dot S and its allies, they can still tweet, and so if twitter is being completely hypocritical on issue. Quite frankly, it is Un American PETE Congresswoman to ban the President of the United States is one thing I was talking to my son dad. How do you ban the President of the United States? We miss the obvious question. Sometimes how absurd it really is. My question is: is Twitter an american company? Do they put american interests first, or do they just benefit from capitalism and our free market theyre happy to allow tin pot dictators to do what they do, certainly theyre benefiting from ayatollahs being on line threatening citizens, allies, military threatening, terrorist attacks on the United States and our allies? Incredibly UN american-
and it is so hypocritical and to be going through all the pain that our nation is facing right now, weve been weve, been through enormous page over the last five one slash two days. It sort of feels like youre, throwing gasoline on the fire, and it is very sad im sad for our country. Ive been very strong in my remarks this week really focused on our party, but really after the end of the day, the last nine months, all of it happening online, both sides of the aisle, particularly violence by Antifa thugs, a lot of it coordinated online and social media. We have to make the root decision today going forward. We cant let the voices of violence take over anymore. You see it on twitter, you see the hip Pock Express Sy. I feel sad for my children and sad for my country Jedediah. It is very sad important to note we reached out for twitter from a statement we have not heard back as of yet congresswoman. I want to switch
over to a important topic. Obviously youre among group of GOP lawmakers, urging Joe Biden to drop the impeachment push. This is interesting from your perspective because you didnt object to the election results you faced your own degree of harrassment as a result. Yet you are some that is still saying. No impeachment may not be the right thing to do here. Why is that? Well, if you look at right now, there are still political charades going on. I think it is very disingenuous in the last ten days of President Trump being in office, only has ten more days to see Democrats taking advantage of what happened last week and politicizing it making the last ten days like throwing gasoline on the fire. We really need to focus on having a very peaceful transition of power. I think the presidents decision to forego the inauguration was the right one. People shouldnt be worried about going to an event going to work threat of violence, fear they might be harmed. I had to have a conversation
with my children on Friday night, just because mommy goes to work in d dot c doesnt mean my life will be in danger. Every time I go, these are tough discussions to have with my children. We need to focus on unity. We need to focus on taking responsibility for what happened on Wednesday, but also what happened over the last nine months. This is not the first violent event. This year, weve seen destruction all across the country in cities all across the country, cities being burned to the ground, businesses being burned down in the middle of covid. We have to think long and hard how we go from here, both Republicans and dem crass.
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