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UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal teams up with Donald Trump Jr. on Florida campaign trail

2020-10-11 | 🔗
UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal teams up with Donald Trump Jr. on Florida campaign trail to court Hispanics.
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Jedediah UFC Fieger, Jorge Vidal, is hitting the campaign trail with Donald Trump Jr in a push to win over hispanic voters in Florida, PETE the fighters against socialism, bus tour kicked offed today in Tampa before ending in Miami will Jorge. Last time I saw you, you were in a fight now you have a different fight and I know your family Jorge immigrated from Cuba. You have a vested interest in understanding the impacts of socialism. Tell us what motivates you to get into this fight thats a very good question. I believe this Countrys, the greatest country in the world. I believe that with I have ounce of being in me with every ounce of being in me down to my soul. Ive had my fair share of whats
on the other side of this great country, communism and socialism ive been dealing with this, since I was a kid through my family already here, sharing story or my family thats still stuck in that system of presentation. So when I was asked, if I had any thoughts or words on it, I said hell. Yeah ive got a lot of it. I can speak F for my father. I c speak for my aunt whos missing her whos missing her breast who tried to escape from Guantanamo Bay and Dynamite blew her breast off. I can relate the experiences that im having to my family Jedediah Jorge. One of the challenges with this message is the younger generations that seem to have a hot of distance between them and the reality of socialism theyre not as interested in hearing it. They dont process it the same way as the older generations. How can you reach out to younger generations in particulalar and make them aware of whats at risk?
I think it definitely starts with school. We definitely have to start schooling, our kids at a younger stage and make sure we get to them before the other side gets to them, but definitely just relating history to them. You know history repeats itself. I tell my kids all the time. My son is five years old, but he knows very well inaudible. So if I could use my voice to tell young people, hey socialism, might sound amazing from a liberal professor at the podium, but Nobodys ever lived that that enjoys that Nobodys escaping capitalist countries to go to communist countries or risking their life to go to these countries. Its just a no brainer associate t body counts, keep coming so its a no brainer that socialism communist is not for America. Pete Jorge great message, Joe Biden says: im, not a socialist. I beat a socialist just different priorities.
What do you say? How do you articulate the reason why youve seen the Democrat Party actually be captured by socialism? What do youou see? Well one of the things I see immediately, whether they call themselves socialists or not, is this is the greatest country not because we have the best fast food, but because we have the greatest literature which is the constitution, and when people are trying to mess with the constitution, our amendment, I immediately hit the panic button and get in defense mode and theyre preparing for something much much worse. When theres certain things theyre trying to do with H the laws wi the filibuster with packing the courts weve seen this happen to other societies that were not socialist or communist, get broken down and turned into will hover. I hay weve got to run ive, been a big sports fans, ive seen you talk trash and do other things, youre, incredibly educated and sharing a massively important personal experience. Thank you so much.
Thank you. My brother have a good day.
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