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University cancels talk by author of anti-racism book after students deem event 'violent'

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Tulane University puts an author discussion on 'Life of a Klansman' on hold after students complain the event is 'violent towards the experience and work of Black people.'
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Steve well, it was meant to Steve well, it was meant to serve campus discussion about the importance of racial equality. Today in the United States, however, Tulane University putting award winning authors event on hold after students complained about his book that reckoned with a white supremacist ancestor the student government, saying quote this government is not only inappropriate but violent towards the experience and work of black people here to react. As part of our week, long series on cancel culture senior, editor of reason, Robby suave. I have suave good morning good morning, Steve it this particular book life of a klansman, its to discuss the story and significance to national reckoning with racism. You would think that would be a conversation. People would like to have given that some people are talking about this particular topic right now absolutely, and you would think it would be a conversation that would not offend people on the progressive left.
My understanding of the book is that it, you know, take as view that there is a degree of complicity in having had Anna says tore, who benefited from racism, which you know, which is kind of something. The left, actually it believes so you wouldnt think this would run afoul of them, but these students I mean to read what they said about this guy online. You would think that they thought he was the klansman rather than having had Anna says tore. Who was a klansman? They said it would be violence, it would be harmful to have this event and remember they werent actually going to have the event in person. You know, given everything thats going on, it was going to be a virtual event. They thought it was threatening and putting peoples lives at risk to have a virtual event. Discussing this Steve Tulane says this book addresses painful truth of past in Louisiana it engages with the vibrant national discussion of anti racism. We realize, however, that some
felt strongly that this virtual author discussion, as planned and promote wood, give a platform to white supremacy. As a result, we made the decision to reschedule the event. The actual author of the book, Edward Ball, says I honor your sense of injury and yet disagree with those stories that they should be silenced. I think that by opening the wounds that we have in our national memory, we might be able to heal our injuries more successfully. He makes a good point yeah. Is he absolutely right? And of course, if you are support of a college campus shouldnt, you want to have uncomfortable but important, meaningful discussions about these kinds of topics thats. What is so interesting about these students, a small number of students, but a very vocal and powerful minority who want to shut down these kinds of events? They have decided on behalf of everyone else that you cant discuss issues, and I dont understand why you would want to be at a college campus if you think that you dont have anything to learn and you reject the notion that you should be taught or that you should have something to learn,
which is what this small number of activists seem to think Steve Robby. That last point is so important, because when I went to college back in the day there were people saying everything, every side of every issue is discussed openly on my campus, but now its becoming harder and harder to hear certain viewpoints. Ultimately, if you dont like something that somebody is going to say just dont go to that event, dont turn on your computer to watch it right right, dont, appoint yourself like some kind of dictator who gets to decide for other people what sort of events they get to learn from exactly, as you said, tune out. If it offends you so much, dont assert that power on.
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