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US Air Force celebrates 73 years

2020-09-18 | 🔗
Lt. Gen. Michael Loh, director of the Air National Guard, joins in the celebration with members of the U.S. Air Force Band and Honor Guard at Joint Base Andrews.
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Commands Ainsley members of the air Force band and armor guard performing for us, live at joint base, Andrews in Maryland, to celebrate the 73rd birthday of the AIR Force, Steve very impressive, joining us now, Michael Lowe, the
director of the National Guard good morning to you general good morning, everyone thank you, Steve and happy 73rd anniversary to the air force. You have been in the air force, forty years so over half of that life. Why did you decide to dedicate your life to this particular cause? Well, first of all I like to well first of all, I like to say, happy birthday to Ainsley Ainsley. Thank you. Seventy three years young the air force, has given me everything four decades of service. It started out with an education then gave me a profession over my shoulder, you see an F 16 that was my office for almost three thousand hours and I have taken that airplane just about everywhere. I mean it has been absolutely wonderful, but the other things it also allowed me to do weighs to raise a family and then, when I joined the National Guard to pursue a civilian career and then probably the most important thing is we delivered air power around the world. I have sat down with presidents
and kings and discussed what it means to be an ally of America and then, finally, I got to tell you I wouldnt be doing it today, except for the amazing airmen. It allowed me to lead amazing airmen its been a wonderful career. Brian help celebrate this special day staff sergeant, honor Guard member and one of the twenty twenty outstanding airmen of the air, its up to you to cut the cake, Steve the tradition right with me. Would you like her to cut the cake now on your command? Steve, please, staff! Sergeant short, you are amazing. Have you been here less than four years and you are our future? Please cut the AIR Force birthday cake. Thank you, General Steve. What a cut
Steve, what a cut.
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