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US surgeon general on COVID-19 vaccine rollout: 'Beginning of the end'

2020-12-14 | 🔗
U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams says there are ‘a few miles left to run in this race' as millions of doses of a COVID-19 vaccine are shipped across the country.
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Steve over to you Steve, thank you. Ainsley, nine months after coronavirus, first broke out here in the United States, Hills industry is being made today in the fight against Covid, with the rollout of that vaccine. Here, with an update, we have got: U Dot S surgeon general, Dr Jerome Adams, Dr Adams, good morning to you good Morning, Steve good to be here with you its a great day, its an historic day, its the beginning of the end, but we have still got a few miles left to run in this race Steve. We do. Indeed, millions of doses are being ships across the country. The explain why in record time was it the cutting of red tape or the cutting of scientific corners? There were no cutting of scientific corners cuttings of administrative red tape. It was massive funding which allowed us to scale up production, even as the vaccine was being produced. I want to put it in Christmas. Think for people out there. The x box is the new big gift for Christmas
and what we did was really use. Whats called platform technology. If you get a new x box- and you want to change your game out, you dont throw the whole x box out and buy a new x box. You just get a new game. What we did with this vaccine was use the platform that had been around for over a decade. We know its safe, we know its effective. We changed out the cartridge to adapt it to Covid 19. That is really scientifically what allowed us to get here in record time. These vaccines are safe and I will get one as soon as they tell me that I can Steve sure. While we see the guys at Pfizer, guys and gals at Pfizer, put it on the trucks and then the trucks ship it to the Arps with Fedex and U Dot, PS and everybody else its, not just those companies. Then you have got the pharmacists. You have got the pilots. Have you got the nurses? The doctors? Have you got all the needles? You have got the masks. You have the super cold refrigerators that are ninety five degrees below zero and they have all got to be aiming at the same place. At the
same time. Absolutely this is a massive effort and its why we have been working on it as part of operation warp speed from almost the very beginning. It is a tremendous success and the american people should be proud because, as you mentioned, this isnt just about the federal government, its about private partners, its about hospital systems, I was in Montana this weekend visiting billings clinic. They have been working on vaccination process for many many months right now, spooking of which I want to give a shout out to Ellen. She is an icu nurse this weekend, Steve she wasnt working in the ic. She had just gotten taken off of life support because she had covid. So I want people to understand your actions. Bloncts you choose to wear a mask. It shouldnt be about whether its mandated or whether you feel its infringing on your freedom. It should be about protecting those around us. People like Ellen Ellen is off life, support and doing much better love. You keep up the fight Ellen, Steve, thats, terrific, you know one of the
technological things and I know the big logistics companies have been doing dry runs for a while. Well now they have got the live vaccine. Those canisters that all the vaccines are in are specially monitored things. They must have a g dot, PS chip in them or something you guys know exactly where every one of them is all the time, and it tells you how cold it is which is important, because if it Deduke Lacrosses, that particular batch is no good. The real complicated thing at the table at the receiving end defrost these things as ordered just as they come in. Otherwise you are going to ruin a batch exactly shout out to Mckesson Fedex to all the partners out there, CVS Walgreens, who are going to make this a success. I want people to know this is the most difficult vaccine rollout in history. There will be hiccups undoubtedly, but we have done everything from
a federal level and working with partners to make it go as smoothly as possible. Please be patient with us and please understand we are going to start by vaccinating the vulnerable people in pursing homes and long term care facilities and healthcare workers. That means that we expect around beginning of first quarter or into first quarter, beginning of second quarter. We will start vaccinating the general public to your viewers. We need to you, hang on a little bit longer continue to wear your mask, continue to wash your hands and watch your distance. It will help us reopen even before we can get vaccines in everyones arms. Steve. All right help is on the way, Dr Adams. Thank you very much for your service and for appearing today on Fox AMP.
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