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USAA commits $30 million to assist military families

2020-09-07 | 🔗
Insight from retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral John Bird, senior vice president at USAA; for more information visit usaa.com/coronavirus
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Will welcome back will welcome back since the beginning of the pandemic military members faced unprecedented challenges. Now the Usaa pledging thirty dollars million to help our heroes here with more retired navy, vice admiral, John Byrd, admiral thanks so much for being here with us before we get to Usaa how they are helping to solve the problem. Help us understand the problem. What he was going on with military families through this pandemic hey good morning, will thanks for having me its a real pleasure to be with you happy Labor Day, you know of our military members are out protecting our country on the front line and domestically with the guard on any given day in normal times. If you will, the military faces many challenges as a pandemic, and it becomes just really heightened in terms of some of those things: spouse spouse unemployment. The friction of many moves. Family separation, child care, so there is many needs that our military families are facing all the time and with the pandemic, especially so
will spousal on employment, admiral child care. Moving costs do this for me. If you would put a face on this, describe the soldiers describe the military families that are being hit the hardest at what level? What rank, who are the men and women specifically dealing with this crisis? Hey will great question. I had a thirty five naval career. I can describe it exactly. We had many junior enlisted young folks, inexperienced have families, you know couple kids and then they rely on two incomes, as many Americans do, but you know face it. The military is on the low end of the pay ban for those junior enlisted with that, when that spouse gets unemployed, when one member has to deploy, and then there is lack of child care because of the pandemic, these families face hardships, sometimes food insecurity, sometimes challenges meeting the bills and thats. What our donation from Usaa is all about to help these families that do so much these are young patriots,
help them out in their time of need. Will young soldiers, young families lets get to what Usaa is doing? Thirty dollars million is awesome. Great thing to celebrate on there labor Day tell us exactly what Usaa can do and is going to do to help these families will. Thank you. Usaa was founded by the military for the military. This is right in our wheel house. This is our largest one time philanthropic donation of thirty dollars million. Throughout the year we have given forty five dollars million. This goes to military charity that help out. These are professional organizations. They have a long history of helping our military, they are hand in hand with the military. Looking out for these members. Marine corps release, Army Corps, ehe, release, coast, guard mutual assistance. All of them are there helping out our military and looking for ways to support them will just as an example, admiral, if you are a young military family right now. What can you find and give me help
with example of specifics? They could go, find well sure they could go with an example speaking to a sailor to their local Navy Marine Corps relief society go in. There identify their problems, issues what they need, and the professionals there, many of them military spouses themselves who have dealt with the military will help them out budget, giving them zero interest loans or, in some cases, a granted if theyre in real need, will all right. Families hurting through this pandemic, young families losing a dual income now available to get loans and hem through the Usaa. By the way, can you help and donate through Usaa dot com, slash coronavirus, admiral? Thank you for what you are doing on Labor day appreciate you coming on Fox AMP friends and telling us all.
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