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Vanderbilt University faces backlash over controversial quiz on constitution

2020-09-05 | 🔗
Has political correctness gone too far? Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board member, Dr. Carol Swain, weighs in.
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Will Dr Swain, this is your at will, Dr Swain. This is your at least alma mater in terms of teaching. What is your reaction about the constitution founded on the protection of white supremacy? We know that the true answer is both and im, not surprised that a question like that might appear on a university quiz, because today the political left they walk in lockstep and the one thousand six hundred and nineteen narrative, the New York Times, project that seem to be driving the dial upped. Today. The Will Vanderbilt University by the way said the following in Tie70 response: tobh3to5p6 Tie70 response tobh3to5p6, the question was poseds7olv top. The question was poseds7olv top stimulate Discussionl students were not in fact rewarded or penalized for the answer a still doctor. This is ab issue, not just at Vanderbilt but across higher education and perhaps lower education as well. I want I want do you about this story? I want do you about this story
from USC, where a professor in a language course at the business school was talking about chinese inaudible. How we use filler words in English and the Chinese fill or word sounded like a racial slur in English. For that he has been placed on leave, because some students were reportedly offended. Well, students are always offended by something is, and what has happened in this culture of political correctness, culture of political correctness is that anyone you are not protected and what it means if students can no longer be educated because theres no way you can educate student when you cant teach your subjectg dot, l SH might be offended and they might complain and what they have given at many
universities because of the multiculturalism diversity, including equity inclusion, equity. They have given minority students veto power over everything. A professor does everything a professor does, and it means that no education, no real education, has taken place at most institutions and its not just the colleges and university, its also k, 12 now and its all a part of this critical theory, its destroying american education. Just like its destroying other institutions will I want to get to that theory in just a moment: critical race theory, but do you believe this is truly, I driven out of students who are offended, or is this a power grab something designed and used to take down a professor or a history book or whatever it may be? Whatever the target a may be, I think weve been training our students for a long time to be offended about everything. The whole concept of a microawe depression is a per e
received. Microaggression is a perceived slight, so universities have had professorsrltarvha, give trigger warnings before they teach any subject that might offend. Someone is and would offend a person today. The rules change constant lu, theres, no way that you can teach or opportunity in an environment where the rules change daily will again. This was a word in Chinese that sounded like an english language. Racial slur, USC put out a statement, a faculty member used a chinese word that sounds similar to a racial sure. We acknowledge the cultural and harmful impact of another. Professor teaches that course were reviewing to better understand the situation, to take any appropriate steps. Let us return now, Professor Swain, to what you mentioned critical race theory. Just last night, the White House said federal agency ES who teach
critical race theory what they callty viewsive racial sensitive training, no longer receive funding, theyre, putting an end these types of programs within the federal government. What are your thoughts? You would say: praise the Lord, because Iug4Lrstfqjkuncau does the opposite of whataini. It says it will do. It is divisiveness training and what I believe America needs is unity, training and its something that I will be speaking and writing more about, but corporations and cools they need and schools. They need people who respect everyones rights that are going to bring rights that are going to bring everyone together and focus on the goals of the institution. We do not needty Visiveness training, we need unity, training, we need teams to come together and whats taken place. Today comes at a critical race theory and critical theory, its marxist, it is destroying America and its institutions. Will. I hope you do write more
about a it. Critical race theory is something that not many people know much about, and yet the underpinning of so much of this going on in not just government and higher education, finish and churches as well.
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